Asmongold banned from Twitch following Diablo Immortal fiasco

Image via Asmongold on Twitch


Asmongold recently became one of the most-viewed accounts on Twitch's streaming platform thanks to his outspoken coverage of the Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp trial. But his backup account, Zackrawrr, was quietly banned by Twitch on June 10. 


Asmongold has been frequently streaming on his backup account. But followers recently noticed that Zackrawrr, a non-partnered channel, has been suspended. The reason is currently unknown, with Twitch and Asmongold both not speaking on the suspension. 


While Asmongold's main account remains unbanned, Twitch's guidelines state that he can't stream on that account until his secondary other account is reinstated. The guidelines explain that "any attempt to circumvent an account suspension or chat ban by using other accounts [...] will also result in additional enforcement against your accounts," which could even be an indefinite suspension. 

Why was Asmongold banned on Twitch?


The official reason behind the ban has not been revealed but Asmongold has recently been part of a myriad of drama on the streaming platform. 


Asmongold created the alternate account for "lesser effort content," usually for when he didn't feel like using a webcam or interacting with his viewers. He recently was using the Zackrawrr channel to play Diablo Immortal, on a journey to prove that the game is pay-to-win



Despite Asmongold's openness about the satirical nature of the streams, fans started bombarding his subreddit with criticism, claiming the streamer was a hypocrite for paying money in Diablo Immortal after previously mocking Activision Blizzard for the pay-to-win mobile game. In response, Asmongold started deleting threads and comments about the subject on Reddit. 


Asmongold was recently stream-sniped on June 10. In a since-deleted clip, the stream sniper could be seen flooding Asmongold's chat with racist language. Asmongold muted them but it appears this may be the reason for the suspension since it happened soon after. 


It's not currently known when Asmongold will be back from the suspension. 

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