Streamer Quin69 spent over $10,000 on Diablo Immortal, received no 5 Star Legendary Gems

Image via Quin69 on Twitch

New Zealand Twitch streamer Quintin “Quin69” Crawford spent over $10,000 on Blizzard Entertainment's new mobile game Diablo Immortal and received zero 5 Star Legendary Gems.


With around a 1/2000 shot of landing a 5 Star Legendary Gem in your next Legendary Crest, Diablo Immortal’s rarest gem is a sought-after item. However, that mission of landing one of Diablo Immortal’s prized gems has resulted in an ongoing quest that has left Quin69’s wallet begging for a break.


Quin69 first gained notoriety a couple of days ago during one of his Diablo Immortal streams where he spent over $4,000 without receiving a single 5 Star Legendary Gem. Now, that figure has crept up to exactly $10,335.51, and still no 5 Star Legendary Gem to his name.

“I spent 10 thousand dollars and got nothing,” Quin69 shouted on stream following yet another failed attempt to acquire a 5 Star Legendary Gem. “This is a great game! F***ing amazing! Blizzard should be proud!”


According to getonstream, Quin69 brings in an estimated $84,818.5 per month through multiple sources of income. While $10,000 may not be as impactful to Quin69, that amount of money lost is another sign of Diablo Immortal’s polarizing pay-to-win approach.


Since its release on Jun 2, Diablo Immortal has been at the center of controversy and debate for its pay-to-win model. With reports that it could cost up to $110,000 for a full-build character, the polarizing business model has resulted in Diablo Immortal receiving Blizzard’s lowest ever user score on Metacritic.


While some streamers like Kripparian were heavily against the new approach from Diablo, others are in support of Blizzard’s approach. Streamers like Asmongold did their best to ignore criticism around it while others like Shroud are in favor of Blizzard’s new approach with Diablo Immortal.


Nonetheless, no matter what side you are on, $10,000 is a lot of money to drop for ultimately nothing.


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