Full list of Amouranth's investments made in 2022

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In 2021, Twitch viewers watched Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa for a total of 38.34 million hours, making her the platform’s most-watched female streamer. With over 5.4 million followers on Twitch, alongside multiple different facets of income, Amouranth has set herself up with a nest of income to set herself up for the rest of her life. Yet, one her aspects that goes relatively unrecognized is her investments. After revealing her intentions to quit OnlyFans in June, she has been candid about her investments throughout 2022 that will set her up for the long-term.


These are all of the investments Amouranth has made in 2022 that we know of.

Jan. 10: Another inflatable pool company — $7M investment


Amouranth’s first investment in 2022 was acquiring an inflatable pool company, which she revealed on Jan. 10. While unnamed, she stated that the company is a “big supplier” to many shopping chains like Amazon and Costco. Amouranth had committed $7,000,000 worth of capital calls that will be distributed over the next seven years.

Jan. 18: Charter Communications ($CHTR) — $263K investment


On Jan. 18, Amouranth revealed that she had invested “a quarter of a million dollars” or $263,925.16 for 450 shares in Spectrum. She explained that Spectrum was a company that could “safely” use leverage to increase returns, making it a safe and reliable company to invest in. 


At the time, Charter Communications, Ticker Symbol CHTR, was priced at $587.55 a share. Currently, it has been trending downward, reaching lows of $425 in May before consolidating back to $487.95 per share. 

Feb. 10: Plastic ball company


On Feb. 10, Amouranth invested in a plastic ball company, where she holds a minority stake in the business. During the week of the announcement, she created a new meta she dubbed the "Ball Pit Twitch Meta" and filled her streaming room with over 3,600 plastic balls that decorated the floors of her room.

Feb. 23: Adding more stake into Google — $2M investment


On Feb. 23, Amouranth announced that she had bought 2,135 shares of Google priced at $2551.73 per share. Those 2,135 shares, valued at $2 million, raised her stake in google from $3М to $5М at the time.


“[Google] is one of the very best businesses on earth,” Amouranth reasoned on Twitter. “Youtube growth is insane. Now earns more in ads than Netflix earns in subscription revenue.”


Amouranth had listed both Google and Netflix, alongside Amazon and Microsoft as primary stocks she would be buying during the dip. While both are down right now due to the market, both stocks are viewed as long-term investments for growth.

March 14: Netflix — $332K investment


On March 14, Amouranth bought 1000 shares of Netflix at around $332 per share, totalling $332,000. Her reasoning behind the purchase was her faith in Netflix’s business model calling it “the original Mr. Beast model”. Currently, Netflix is trading just above $200 a share, due to disappointing subscriber growth in 2022. That being said, it is still projected to be above $400 per share by mid-2023.

March 28: Activision — $2M investment


Just two weeks after purchasing shares of Netflix, Amouranth bought 24,000 shares of Activision (ATVI) at $79.32 per share for a total value just shy of $2M. The purchases were made a few months after Microsoft acquired Activision, which skyrocketed the stock price up to $95 per share. Since then, the stock has consolidated around the $75 dollar range, where it currently rests at $77.63 per share.

May 6: S&P Global — $338K investment


Just a couple of weeks after revealing her intention to quit Onlyfans in June, Amouranth revealed a major purchase of 1,000 shares of S&P Global at $338 each. Her reasoning behind the purchase was because of the stock's consistent growth over time. Paired with its one percent annual dividend and $0.85 quarterly dividend amount per share, S&P Global is a reliable stock that is in line with her plan to retire through “dividends.


If the quarterly dividend remains, Amouranth will make approximately $850 every quarter, equating to $3,400 a year from this one stock alone.

May 11: Amazon — $1.08M investment


An owner of Amazon ($AMZN) stock since 2016, Amouranth purchased 500 shares of Amazon for $2,169 per share, totaling around $1,084,000, on May 11. Then, on June 6, Amazon did a 20-for-1 stock split, meaning that Amouranth’s 500 shares of Amazon have turned into 10,000 shares of Amazon priced around $108.45 per share now. Currently, Amazon is priced at $121.18 per share meaning that Amouranth’s Amazon purchase has netted her around $120,000 in growth. Though, in the tweet, she mentioned that Amazon was a long-term hold and would continue to purchase the stock “every 5-10% down”.


With a planned retirement from OnlyFans in June 2022 still in effect, Amouranth plans to build herself a strong nest of passive income and dividends that will set her up greatly for the future. 

May 19: More Google stock — $6.3M total investment

Her most recent purchase was done on May 19, when she was able to have her $2,200 order of Google ($Goog) executed. This order has brought her total of Google shares to 2,850, totaling around $6.3 million. One of Amouranth’s top stocks to buy into, Google is currently priced at $2,343 per share.


With a planned retirement from OnlyFans in June 2022 still in effect, Amouranth plans to build herself a strong nest of passive income and dividends that will set her up greatly for the future.

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