Amouranth institutes new "Ball Pit Twitch Meta" after investing in ball company

Source: Amouranth

Amouranth added a new gimmick to her quiver of variety stream content types this week, by turning her room into a massive ball pit with 3600 hollow plastic balls. The new content type comes on the heels of the streamer purchasing a minority share of a plastic ball manufacturer earlier this month, which produces hollow plastic balls, plastic balls, and rubber balls.



Over the weekend, she created a new type of "Ball Pit Twitch Meta", where she wanders around her improvised ball pit in her room, and adds an extra ball for every subscription or 2$ USD donation. For the truly devoted fan, you can donate 5 subs or $25 USD to get a nice ball with your name on it added to the pit. Meanwhile, during the stream, she engaged in typical ball pit behavior, like rolling in the balls and throwing them in the air, like when we were kids.



Amouranth announced her purchase of a plastic ball manufacturer on Feb. 10th, 2022. The purchase is one of several investments the high-profile streamer has made over the past couple of years, including her purchase of a 7/11 gas station last year that spurred interest among her fans in how she invests her money.



It is unclear how much of this ball meta will be incorporated into her future content, which includes ASMR streams, IRL streams where she rides her horse, and many other types of variety-based content. Regardless, it was at the very least amusing for her fans to see thousands of balls covering her usually relatively tidy room. Considering she owns the company, it wouldn't be surprising to see her continue occasionally plastic ball streams in the future.

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