Amouranth announces planned retirement from OnlyFans in June 2022




Streamer and investor Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, better known to her millions of fans as Amouranth, announced on Twitter yesterday that she plans to retire from her current line of work by June 2022. The message, which many have interpreted as "bait" or an attempt to increase her current income, states she intends to move away from doing OnlyFans and other sexual content, and leave the "e-girl" life behind.



The last 12 months have seen Amouranth make a number of high-profile investments, from gas stations to Google and many things in between. This is consistent with her long-term stated goals of moving away from doing OnlyFans content and hot tub streams, with previous statements suggesting she plans to move toward more universal content in the future, including working with rescued animals.

A new direction on Twitch

There is always a possibility the statement is simply bait to get her fans to spend more "while they still can" but the level of income Amouranth has achieved in the last few years would make that a fairly unnecessary way of working. Her statement on Twitter went on to discuss the fact she won’t be moving away from streaming, but instead moving in a new direction, which according to Amouranth comes with much higher risks than her other content.


Her tweet follow-up states she is planning to create what could be a new type of content for Twitch. “I’m making a big investment in content that’s different than anything I’ve ever made.  We’re moving “influencer” and “creator economy” into what is traditionally the domain and competency of legacy media”, she stated. 


Exactly what that means we will have to wait and see, but if her previous work is anything to go by, it’s very possible Amouranth could end up revolutionizing the Twitch meta, and not for the first time. Equally possible is the fact she could change her mind, but for now it looks like we’re going to see the next phase of what has been a remarkably successful career come June 2022.

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