Streamer Kripparian slams Diablo Immortal for pay-to-win approach

Source: Kripparian Twitch stream

Popular Twitch Streamer Octavian “Kripparian” Morosan has slammed Diablo’s most recent title release Diablo Immortal for its pay-to-win approach. The game has been under fire for its aggressive monetisation, much to the dismay of many fans, and now Kripparian has added his voice to the conversation.



“Yeah, I wish I could pay Blizzard money to beat my opponents,” Kripparian sarcastically said during a game of Hearthstone.  “I’ve really been inspired by their umm….by the idea of Diabo Immortal. If I lose, I can just pay more money to beat my adversaries. "


Kripparian is one of the most notable streamers in the Diablo scene, where he gained fame for his completion of Diablo III on Inferno difficulty, which at the time was seen as impossible. However, feats like this may no longer be possible, much to his dismay. “I think I think that is the future of gaming. I’m really glad that Diablo Immortal fully encapsulates it,” he said jokingly. “It’s very forward-thinking in gaming.”

Streamers divided over P2W Diablo

Diablo Immortal has caused a lot of discussion and division in the community for this new approach to monetisation. While some like Kripparian have made their dismay vocal towards the game’s pay-to-win model, the likes of Asmongold have done their best to ignore any criticism of the game.

Other streamers, like Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek have gone further, and shared their optimism for Diablo Immortal’s limitless microtransactions stating, “It’s my money. Let me spend how much of it I want, please!”. This, as you can imagine, is not a typical opinion among some community members, but makes more sense when you are only limited by time, and not money, as is the case for Shroud.


Nonetheless, whether you are a fan of Diablo Immortal’s pay-to-win approach or are heavily against it like Kripparian, the community has been talking about the game since the moment it released, -which is something of a success. It remains to be seen how popular the monestisation strategies are long term, with some reports claiming it would cost over $100k to fully gear up a single character, but it's clear not everyone hates being able to pay to win.

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