Asmongold responds to community backlash over pay-to-win Diablo Immortal stream by deleting criticism on Reddit


Asmongold is currently under for after silencing criticism over his Diablo Immortal streams. 


In the past, Asmongold has been very outspoken about hating pay-to-win games. He specifically called out Blizzard when Diablo Immortal was first announced in May 2022, joking that he would need a "small loan of $50,000" to play the mobile game. 



Despite previously criticizing Blizzard's direction with the mobile Diablo game, Asmongold recently decided to stream Diablo Immortal. During the broadcast, Asmongold spent money on in-game currency every single time the game gave him the option.


Asmongold was allegedly trying to prove a point about paying money on an otherwise free game, but it didn't seem to be a point that his followers understood. His fans are now under the impression that Asmongold likes playing pay-to-win games. 


"Had a pretty disappointing first day on Diablo Immortal," Asmongold tweeted. "Played for over five hours but only managed to spend $347. Sorry to let you guys down, but we'll have to come back stronger next time." 


The sarcastic tweet wasn't enough proof for Asmongold's fans. His outspoken community took to Reddit to rant about Asmongold's stream, finding him hypocritical for blowing cash on a pay-to-win game. 


On June 3, Asmongold started to delete all of the negative posts on his subreddit, leading fans to call him "cringe." Asmongold's mods confirmed that he was the one who took down the posts. 



Fans explained on Twitter that Asmongold's alleged "experiment" wasn't going to work and would instead convince his community to also pay money in Diablo Immortal. Others accused him of being the reason behind pay-to-win games' success. 


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