"You might as well make the bag": Amouranth says she might as well benefit from constant sexualization



Soon-to-be-ex OnlyFans model Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa had a revealing livestreamed interview with Rolling Stone on May 31, discussing what it's like to be a female streamer. This has become quite a hot topic after multiple female content creators opted out of TwitchCon due to harassment, stalking, and threats. 


Amouranth admitted that even before she started streaming, she was constantly sexualized "just out and about in public." Unfortunately, there are not many things women can do about it shortof never leaving the house. 


"You know what? If guys are gonna do this to you no matter what you do... You might as well just make the bag," Amouranth said. 


For Amouranth — and many other female streamers — it's unfortunately not just getting sexualized from afar. Amouranth opened up during the interview about getting harassed while doing IRL streaming. Many men wouldn't even know she was livestreaming and would follow her around stores. 



"I will stream in a Walmart on my channel and because it's in selfie mode on my phone, I'll see guys behind me just taking pictures when I bend over to grab something from a lower shelf. They don't realize I'm streaming. It's really creepy. And they'll follow me through the store," Amouranth said. 


For Amouranth, streaming is a way to "take the power back." Instead of being a "victim" of constant sexualization, Amouranth said she's able to capitalize and benefit from it on stream. A lot of the times, Amouranth added, women don't even realize they are getting harassed and sexualized. 

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