BrookAB shares violent threats she has received, declines attending TwitchCon over stalkers


Brooke Ashley Bond, better known by her Twitch handle BrookAB, shared a shocking private message from a stalker after getting criticized for not attending TwitchCon. 


BrookAB informed her fans on May 27 that she would not be attending TwitchCon, which is taking place in July. She explained that she just doesn't feel safe due to her "stalkers and constant death threats." 



Many fans came forward to support BrookAB and her tough decision, saying that she doesn't need to apologize for wanting to feel safe. Others questioned why she was getting death threats, which prompted some to reply that it was simply for "being a female streamer." While most people expressed understanding over BrookAB's dilemma, some accused BrookAB of being dramatic. Some even tweeted that they were tired of hearing about her stalkers. 


BrookAB replied: "Imagine how tired I am." 


The 100 Thieves streamer then shared one of her recent DMs, a long, unhinged rant that was littered with threats. The man in the screenshot appeared to be angry at BrookAB for "giggling and flirting" on stream rather than playing video games. He also seemed angry at BrookAB for her treatment of Twitch streamer Symfuhny, her boyfriend. In response, he threatened to stab someone BrookAB knew and harm her parents as well. 



The streaming community reacted with shock and horror over the threat. Some questioned why this wasn't more illegal and why there aren't more laws in place to prevent this type of behavior from continuing. 


Fellow streamaer LilyPichu replied: "How is this guy not locked up? Why are online harassment laws so shit?"


BrookAB responded: "It’s insane that every time I ask for help there is nothing to be done… How can they just sit back when this shit goes on every day?" 


"Nothing will happen until something happens IRL. It's so f—ed," LilyPichu lamented. 



This is unfortunately not only a serious issue for BrookAB. Fellow female streamer Sweet Anita recently declined attending TwitchCon as well over a stalker who crowdfunded their way into TwitchCon to meet her. 

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