"Ludwig sold out to YouTube": xQc calls out Ludwig for turning down gambling sponsors


The battle between YouTube and Twitch has continued, this time due to a discussion about each platform's regulations regarding gambling.


Gambling has become a big trend on Twitch once again largely thanks to Felix "xQc" Lengyel taking back his previous apology and deciding to gamble in full-force, even losing almost $2 million in one month. Despite concern from his family and fans, xQc said that he can "afford" to have a gambling addiction and has demanded that anyone who doesn't agree with his content to just leave. 


Many streamers have voiced concern over the resurgence of gambling, including Ludwig Ahgren, Sykkuno, and Imane "Pokimane" Anys, who all questioned why Twitch had no problem with its biggest content creators promoting the controversial activity to young viewers. xQc has decided to lash out at streamers who don't agree with his decision to gamble. 

xQc responds to Ludwig's gambling addiction claims

In the past, Ludwig has admitted to having a gambling addiction as the main reason he is avoiding this type of content. Recently, Ludwig said that he didn't want to "sell out" to online gambling sponsors, afraid of the backlash he'd receive as well as the damage it may cause to viewers. 


But xQc recently called out Ludwig for his decision to not gamble, saying there is more to it than Ludwig is admitting. 


"Guys, I did some mental investigation about this, okay? Ludwig says he doesn't have a price. Then it hit me. It's because Ludwig is on YouTube and YouTube doesn't allow any of it. And Ludwig signed and sold out to YouTube. Therefore, he literally contractually in any way shape or form do it. Now I got it," xQc said. 



YouTube updated its policies in the summer of 2021 to address the growing trend of content creators' doing sponsored gambling content on stream. The new rules stated that there can't be any ads promoting gambling, alcohol, or prescription drugs. 


Ludwig hasn't responded to xQc's accusations just yet, but it's most likely incoming. Streamers have been very vocal about not supporting gambling on Twitch despite the Terms and Service allowing the activity. Sykkuno recently pointed out that the top five streamers on Twitch — including his friends — were gambling, which he found concerning. Pokimane later ranted that gambling was "bad" and people should stop trying to downplay the seriousness of the situation. 

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