2022 LCK Spring Finals KR Reactions: "It’s been too long since we had a proper final!”

*All reactions have been collected, translated, and edited from KR communities such as LoL Inven and FM Korea.


Arrived at KINTEX! It’s been too long since we had a proper final!

ㄴ Have fun!

ㄴ Hope you get to see your team win.

ㄴ So jealous! Have fun there!

ㄴ I was supposed to go, but I tested positive yesterday…


Please five games… Five games please…

ㄴ T1’s gonna stomp Gen.G. It’s gonna be 3-0 no doubt.

ㄴ T1 plz take my energy T1 plz take my energy T1 plz take my energy

ㄴ In Chovy we trust!


Get a load of the predictions

ㄴ Jonna’s prophecy says everything.

ㄴ While everyone says T1, I’ll say Gen.G! Gen.G fighting!

ㄴㄴ Historically, Gen.G won when no one had high expectations for them.


These are the Gen.G goods they’re giving out at their booth

ㄴ You’re so lucky!

ㄴ That Ruler staff is awesome XD


Khan and Smeb are having lunch outside the arena

ㄴ Come and find them!


What a sick opening! Look at those legends!

ㄴ Is this a charnel house?

ㄴ Deft is the only active player standing there

ㄴ Why does only Pray get displayed on two columns?

ㄴㄴ Obviously because he’s the most handsome


ㄴ Riot Korea did really well this opening


Live from KINTEX. I’m jealous of the R ticket holders…

ㄴ I’m jealous of you man. Have fun.

ㄴ Those seats look uncomfortable. I prefer my couch… But why am I crying?


Game 1

The draft seems alright for both teams

ㄴ Is it alright for Gen.G to give Caitlyn and Lux?

ㄴ Gen.G’s late game is better

ㄴ Was it necessary to ban Galio?

ㄴㄴ It’s to prevent Gen.G from following Ryze completely


They changed everyone but Ruler, but why does the draft feel like them?

ㄴ Classic Gen.G’s “The Classic”.


Chovy’s laning is so much better right now

ㄴ If Faker gets clobbered, Gen.G will win, if Doran gets clobbered, T1 will win


Killing Zeus and giving up mid turret… Is this a proper trade for Viktor?

ㄴ That’s a bad trade for Gen.G

ㄴ Viktor used his flash too


It’s so odd. It seems Gen.G has priority, and they’re doing better, but why is T1 leading global gold?

ㄴ Top diff, man

ㄴ Look at the top CS diff

ㄴ Does Doran ever learn? Why is he up front when Gen.G’s benefitting on the other side?


That baron attempt was Gen.G’s worst decision all season

ㄴ GG man, forget game 1, let’s go to game 2

ㄴ Caitlyn is 7/0/1 LMAO


???: Top diff, right?

ㄴ One of Doran’s worst games this season


Faker isn’t fighting against Gen.G, he’s fighting against this bald guy.

ㄴ It’s been like that all season long.


???: So, Viktor vs Ryze is 9-0 in Viktor’s favor? I guess they didn’t meet me.

ㄴ You know that Faker’s also included in that 9-0, right?

ㄴㄴ STFU, take a hint bro

Game 2

Akali top? They gave Doran Akali? Has Gen.G given up?

ㄴ Doran’s Akali is decent.

ㄴㄴ Yeah, but you watched game 1, right?

ㄴ It seems T1’s the one who messed up their draft… Two ADCs vs Akali?

ㄴ Yeah, T1’s comp is much more difficult to execute


Is Keria’s anchor a targeted skill? How did he land this?

ㄴ Nautilus is OP right now

ㄴㄴ Yeah, but when Keria plays him, he’s super OP.


Doran’s doing great this game

ㄴ Yet everyone’s still nervous about him


And he proves why…

ㄴ Doran being Doran KEKW



*Doran dribbles a dive*

Awesome play from Doran

ㄴ Usually, if a player plays badly, he’s bad through the series, but Doran’s on and off in a single game

ㄴㄴ Actually, Doran’s been off since round 2 started

ㄴ Game 2’s Doran is like bitcoin. It goes up and down so many times in a day.



ㄴ LMAO Game 2 is Doran’s game



ㄴ Keria’s anchor is soemthing else


???: Hey, look! They’ve started to give Ruler’s Xayah some kills. So, T1’s gonna lose then.


ㄴ Poor DK

ㄴ Game 5 PTSD


Man, 10/7/7. We’re watching pros play, right?

ㄴ 9/7/1. Looks like my solo queue games.


Ruler is GOD

ㄴ The owner of the Xayah skin

ㄴ Why is everyone diminishing Chovy’s performance?


Today’s superstar

ㄴ Is the word “today” correct?

ㄴ Usually, if a player does badly in one game, they’re bad the whole day, but Doran’s weird.

ㄴ The series just got fun thanks to him


Gen.G fans are happy already. We thought we’d get 0-3’d.

ㄴ T1 countered themselves by picking Lucian and Jinx into Akali.

Game 3

Here’s our draft for game 3. Thoughts?

ㄴ I dunno, but that Ryze ban makes me feel comfortable

ㄴ T1 took all their best picks

ㄴ Ruler’s playing Xayah period

ㄴ Camille’s a self-counter, and Yuumi?

ㄴ Unless Chovy and Peanut do something, Gen.G’s done for


Deft is so good looking in that suit

ㄴ Poor him, he’s standing next to the handsomest LoL player ever

ㄴ Why are all the former pros cheering for Peanut?

The reason Peanut is popular among pro players

ㄴ He’s the Zlatan of LoL


Doran’s being left alone more than CuVee was left alone

ㄴ CuVee’s cracking up whenever Doran uses hookshot

ㄴ Ambition said: “Doran, you’re CuVee. CuVee was like that and he won Worlds.”


Chovy should have recalled before that wave

ㄴ Lee Sin should have died too

ㄴ It’s 13 minutes into the game and Gen.G’s mid is a highway


T1’s specialty: Tripping on their own feet and then taking it out on the opponent

ㄴ Oner’s angry after losing game 2


???: Do you know what Ambition says in this situation? “It’s alright, we got more dragons.”

ㄴ Poor CuVee T_T


Look at that macro diff. T1 isn't giving any room for Gen.G to move.

ㄴ Nothing Gen.G can do to make a difference

ㄴㄴ Maybe if they steal all of the objectives


Codename WANGHO! HELP!

ㄴ Gen.G earned so much time with that steal


Chovy slipped hard there.

ㄴ Peanut earns time, Chovy throws it away

ㄴ Faker’s still so sharp


That’s no Jinx. That’s a Caitlyn ult.

ㄴ Ruler was torn into 16 pieces


Look at the gold diff

ㄴ Remember what happened against DK? It’s just beginning



ㄴ It’s as if Peanut’s Smite deals 1500 damage

ㄴ How does he pull that off all the time?



ㄴ 2021 Gen.G: BDD CARRY US vs 2022 Gen.G WANGHO!! HELP!!!


Gumayusi to the rescue

ㄴ T1 ain’t DK

ㄴ The game was getting close, and Guma closed it

Guess who?

ㄴ Gumayusi and Keria KEKW


This birdie seems like T1’s counter

ㄴ ‘19 T1’s doom


Game 4

T1’s draft seems better

ㄴ Yeah, Gen.G messed up here

ㄴ This looks like the worst draft from Gen.G today


Yup, that’s Akshan alright.

ㄴ That death just might have decided the ending

ㄴ Congratulations T1

ㄴ Didn’t Doran see him coming?

ㄴ Doran being Doran


ㄴ That hook was awesome KERIA


ㄴ How does he land all his hooks?


Man, T1’s all over Chovy

ㄴ Gumayusi shot his rocket too

ㄴ Poor blue bald guy

Doran being Doran being Doran

ㄴ Zeus, god of lightning

ㄴ Congrats T1


I’m crying T_T

ㄴ Faker’s 10th championship!


2013 Faker: “Hi, it’s my world now.” vs 2022 Faker: “Hee hee, it’s still my world.”

ㄴ 2013 CloudTemplar: “FAKER’S AHRI IS INSANE” vs 2022 CloudTemplar: “FAKER’S AHRI IS INSANE”

ㄴ 10 years, GOAT


The reason T1 HAD to win today. 1) Score is on the other side. 2) Khan is NOT on the other side.

ㄴ Now, that’s LOGIC

ㄴ 3) T1’s never been the runner up in spring

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