T1 defeat Gen.G 3-1 and becomes 2022 LCK Spring Champions, will represent the LCK at MSI 2022

The 2022 LCK Spring Finals took place on Apr 2, at KINTEX, Ilsan. With a set score of 3-1, T1 defeated Gen.G and was crowned the 2022 LCK Spring Split Champions.


The first real bit of action in game 1 took place when the two teams gathered for the first Rift Herald. Although Gen.G managed to take the Herald, T1 was able to take Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon’s Ornn as tribute and deny Gen.G the Eye of the Herald. The early game was pretty much even, as by the 13 minute mark, Gen.G managed to take two dragon stacks, but T1 had a kill score lead.


The game tipped the scales in favor of T1 when they were able to take the fourth dragon at the cost of Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon’s Nocturne. Gen.G immediately rotated for Baron Nashor, and while they succeeded, T1 managed to ace them, with a Quadra Kill being picked up by Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong. By the 27 minute mark, Gumayusi had 3 and a half items at the 27 minute mark, with a 7/0/1 KDA. The 5th dragon spawned at the 29 minute mark, and with T1 scoring an ace, they took their third dragon stack and managed to destroy Gen.G’s Nexus straight away. 1-0 for T1.


In the early game of game 2, Ryu “Keria” Min-seok found a beautiful hook angle on Park “Ruler” Jae-hyeok’s Xayah, managing to kill him. Keria then proceeded to go around the lane once again to catch Son “Lehends” Si-woo’s over extended Alistar. Gen.G’s efforts of gaining advantages in the top lane seemed to work at first, but Zeus somehow managed to thrive by getting 5 kills by the 15 minute mark. By the 20 minute mark, Gen.G caught up on kills and was ahead in dragon stacks, but due to T1 taking down more towers, the game was very even.


The game became very bloody towards the mid-late game, as there were more than 40 kills on the scoreboard. However, Gen.G’s early dragon stacks paid its dividends, as they managed to get the Cloud Dragon soul and inched ahead of T1. Eventually, Doran and Chovy was able to make the plays they needed to win skirmishes and teamfights, with T1’s Nexus being taken down around the 35 minute mark. Gen.G tied up the series 1-1.


In game 3, Peanut almost pulled off a level 2 gank in the top lane, but Zeus managed to survive with a sliver of health. Oner proceeded to take Gen.G’s jungle, then rotated to top lane to kill Doran around the five minute mark. Gen.G had an early dragon stack lead once again, but T1’s focus this time was on the top lane, as they pressured Doran off from getting gold and EXP from minions.


With the momentum he gained from the top lane, Oner’s Viego continued to earn advantages for T1 around the map, as not only was he able to take two turrets with the Rift Herald and get Jinx ahead by spoon feeding her kills, he also managed to get kills on Gen.G players on key members himself. Despite Gen.G stealing the third dragon, T1 managed to clean up and take Baron Nashor, which is when the game heavily swung in favor of T1. However, Peanut stole the second Baron of the game at the 30 minute mark, buying Gen.G time to stay in the game and giving them momentum to take the Ocean Soul. However, the lead was too much for Gen.G to close, and with Gumayusi’s Jinx getting excited in the last teamfight, T1 cleaned up the fight and won the game and led the series 2-1.


Once again, T1’s early game plan focused on the top lane in game 4, as Oner successfully pulled off a gank against Doran’s Akshan. Although Gen.G got the first dragon, T1’s top/jungle duo started to really snowball. T1 showcased that they’re a team that knows how to utilize their priority to the max, as they were always one step ahead of Gen.G to kill them. In the end, T1’s lead was too much to handle, as they dismantled Gen.G to take the 3-1 victory.

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