Banned Twitch streamer reportedly threatens to "shoot people at Twitch HQ"

Content warning:  Mentions of suicide and violence

Twitch streamer Narcissa Wright, known for her speeding running content, was banned from Twitch this week. Following her ban on Tuesday, she took to Twitter to threaten to shoot up Twitch HQ, as well as kill herself. 


"I want to kill myself and shoot people at Twitch HQ!!! hahahaah!!" the streamer stated on Twitter, before disabling her Twitter account completely, though she has since reactivated her account.



She additionally posted other tweets saying "Twitch makes me want to DIE," "the internet is hell", and "real life is hell, too" as part of her rants online. 


The original ban was reportedly related to her briefly displaying NSFW content on her stream after clicking a link she should not have clicked. This is typically a relatively minor issue, that will lead to a 24-hour or perhaps 3-day ban. However, when you threaten to commit mass violence, that will likely lead to a permanent ban from the platform for obvious reasons.


The comments led to calls from fans and online users for a wellness check on the streamer. Narcissa told Dexerto that she didn't mean the threat, claiming she doesn't own any weapons and that the tweet was a form of "self-harming" for her. Head over to the report from Michael Gwilliam and Zackerie Fairfax to read her full response to the situation.


The threats of violence against Twitch HQ justifiably caused alarm online. Even if Narcissa claims she didn't mean the threats, situations like this have happened in the past. In 2018, YouTube HQ was shot up by a woman who was reportedly angry at the company over her videos being censored. So the likelihood is that Narcissa will no longer be welcome on Twitch in the future.


Despite her violent threats against Twitch, Narcissa took to Twitter to try to get unbanned on Wednesday anyway. She posted multiple tweets requesting to speak with someone from Twitch to get her account unbanned. At this point though, that is feeling like a long shot, considering she threatened to attack Twitch staff with a gun.

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