Chess streamer Hikaru Nakamura banned from Twitch for watching DrDisrespect play chess

Chess streamer Hikaru Nakamura was banned from Twitch on Tuesday. It is the first time he has been banned since joining the platform in 2019. According to Hikaru, his 3-day ban comes in relation to his decision to watch DrDisrespect playing chess on his stream.


Hikaru said on Tuesday: "The Doc tweeted that things are settled with twitch... guess he was wrong. See everyone in 3 days."



His ban comes after he watched Dr Disrespect play chess on stream, an action that Twitch apparently considered ban evasion since the Doc is famously banned from Twitch. This is despite the fact that the Doc and Twitch reportedly buried the hatchet last week, with the Doc posting a statement about moving on from his intention to sue the platform. It seems that it is still considered a huge no-no to mention or feature the Doc on Twitch, despite whatever settlement they came to.


Hikaru is the youngest American to ever earn the title of Grandmaster, earning that honor in 2003. The 34-year-old streamer has since made a name for himself in the chess streaming world for his educational and entertaining chess content. He joined TSM in mid-2020, becoming a leader in the esports chess movement that also includes the likes of the Botez Sisters who were signed to Team Envy around the same time.

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