"Moving on:" Dr Disrespect resolves legal dispute with Twitch

Source: Dr Disrespect

Herschel "DrDirespect" Beahm announced on Thursday that he has resolved his legal dispute with Twitch, and will no longer be pursuing legal action against the streaming platform. The announcement comes months after the streamer announced he would be suing Twitch after he was permanently banned from the platform in 2020 for still unknown reasons.


"I have resolved my legal dispute with Twitch. No party admits to any wrongdoing," Dr Disrepsect stated in a Tweet. He went on to state, in a follow-up Tweet, "in response to all your questions, the Doc will not return to Twitch." So it appears we can expect him to remain on YouTube Gaming for the foreseeable future.



Based on the phrasing of his statement, it is possible that Twitch settled with Doc to prevent a drawn-out lawsuit that could look bad for the company, though this isn't explicitly confirmed by Dr Disrespect's post.


The streamer returned to streaming after a hiatus following his Twitch ban, choosing to stream on YouTube Gaming instead, where he has acquired a massive following. His return to streaming on YouTube Gaming was met with great excitement by fans, and he has since acquired more than 3.7 million fans since moving over to the platform. 


His announcement on Thursday puts an end to years of legal threats from the Doc against Twitch, though we still have no idea why he was ever banned in the first place. Neither Twitch nor Dr Disrespect seems interested in discussing the details of the ban, so this will presumably be the last time that his ban will be discussed by either him or Twitch going forward.

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