"I am pulling the trigger:" xQc officially confirms upcoming subathon

Prolific Twitch streamer Felix 'xQc' Lengyel has been teasing the possibility of doing a subathon for about a year now and based on comments he made on stream monday, that subathon is likely going to take place in the very near future. xQc said on stream on Monday that he is buying the equipment he needs to make his subathon great, and specified that the upcoming subathon will be capped at 90 days.



"I am very excited to tell you, I am pulling the trigger and I am quoting stuff and starting to buy stuff for it," he said on stream Monday. "There is so much stuff to do for it, but it will be fun. [...] I am probably gonna hard cap it at 90 days, because I think beyond that it will be really dumb."


The streamer teased the idea of running different big events each week of his subathon, and small events "every day." He mentioned community servers for Minecraft, Rust, GTA V, and other games, as well as various sub-games and community-focused activites. He has not confirmed when his subathon will begin, so keep on the lookout for that official announcement soon.


xQc has a real shot at taking the top most-subbed to streamer slot of all time away from Ludwig, who accomplished his 283,000+ record last year during a subathon of his own. IronMouse recently became the third most-subbed-to streamer of all time with 171,800 subscribers at the end of her most recent subathon. xQc is currently 8th with a peak of 78,000 subscribers, a number he could easily surmount with a 90-day subathon.



Black Mirror meets The Truman Show: Ludwig’s subathon sets a dystopian precedent


Subathons at this point are the precedent when it comes to shooting for all-time records. While people like Critical Role and Ninja reached their high ranking sub-count relatively organically, Ludwig's incredibly successful 30-day subathon last year set a new standard for how Twitch streamers, especially large ones, attempt to push their all-time record up. xQc will be the largest streamer to ever attempt a subathon of his own, so it will be interesting to see just how high his numbers can go. 

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