Lunatic-hai in another controversy due to a prospective player's misconducts


Fans are not willing to embrace another Lunatic-hai player with glaring character flaws.

On April 21st (KST), Lunatic-hai announced (Link in Korean) that they have signed Gunho "claris" Lee and Sangbeom "Munchkin" Byun on the team. However, the announcement evoked controversy when they revealed a shocking truth about Munchkin's past actions.

A few days before the announcement, there was an allegation that a certain high-level player ('은평구꽃사슴'), who was infamous for showing extremely poor conduct, was Munchkin's alternate account. Although Munchkin has denied the allegation several times, it has been proven to be true with Lunatic-hai's announcement stating that the two are, in fact, the same person.

Lunatic-hai explained that the decision was not an easy one. However, considering how Munchkin was willing to change and showed great potential as a player, they decided to give Munchkin a chance to reform. The announcement concluded with a letter of apology from Munchkin, where he expressed his regret over how he tried to lie his way out from allegation, apologized for his poor conduct and promised that he will behave more maturely in future.

Unfortunately, the reaction from Korean OW fans was anything but warm. By stating that he used an alternate account registered under a Rhinos Gaming coach's name, Munchkin effectively admitted that he had lied about how he was not the person behind the said account, breached Blizzard's EULA by account sharing and exhibited tasteless behavior towards other gamers.

As seen with our previous coverage of CJ Entus's Minsik “MoMo” Park and his misogynistic past, prospective professional gamers with past misconducts often face a huge backlash from fans. Lunatic-hai fans are still sore over what Taejun "Leetaejun" Lee and Donggeun “dean” Geum did, and yet, another controversial figure is looking to join Lunatic-hai. If anything, it looks like Munchkin's misconducts are not something that will be easily forgiven by the fans.

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