Lunatic-Hai's Leetaejun and dean banned from Season 2 APEX due to promiscuous private life


Overwatch pro team Lunatic-Hai put up an official apology yesterday regarding the recent scandal in which Leetaejun and dean were involved with multiple female fans. Individual apology posts by Leetaejun and Donggeun “dean” Geum followed, and Lunatic-Hai announced that they resolved to ban the two players from the entire APEX Season 2 as well as the team’s official events for 2 months.

It all began with an anonymous post in an online Overwatch community by a female Overwatch fan. She insisted that she had a personal relationship with a pro gamer, and it was later revealed in the discussion with other community members that the pro gamer’s name was Leetaejun. He had reportedly been dating at least three women, and people that claimed to have been victimized by him posted their stories on Inven KR’s Overwatch community site. dean also reportedly had affairs with multiple women, and enraged posts followed regarding dean's love life with his female fans, whom many reported that they had been cheated.

Leetaejun, upon hearing about the issue, insisted on his livestream that the rumor was false. However, later on, in Inven KR’s Overwatch Inven community site, more posts regarding Leetaejun’s affairs popped up, which prompted Lunatic-Hai managers to investigate the issue for themselves. Leetaejun stated in his apology post that he made personal contact with his fans via SNS and will never let such a thing happen again.

dean was accused of dating and seeking out sex with multiple women, some of whom were minors. He also expressed deep regret and apologized for the issue, but his victims have already made a Twitter account that aims to collect all remaining evidence of dean cheating on them.

Korean Overwatch fans are expressing deep regret regarding the continuous outbreak of scandals surrounding Overwatch pros, worrying that it will damage the professional integrity of APEX and Overwatch as an eSport itself.

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