Inven KR explodes over CJ Entus MoMo’s misogynistic, psychopathic past


Is CJ Entus MoMo the most despicable pro wannabe in League history?


Shortly after yesterday’s KeSPA Cup match between ESC Ever and CJ Entus, a shocking revelation was shared on Inven KR. CJ’s new ADC, Minsik “MoMo” Park, was the very “Minsik” who had been lambasted by the community two years ago for flagrant out-of-game sexual and verbal harassment.


The details of said charges can be found in this past post, containing 30+ screenshots’ worth of message logs between MoMo and the victim. In the knowing company of her acquaintances, the victim had to endure insults including “I wanted to kill your mother”, “I bet you show men p*ssy and b**bs to get boosted“, and “your b**bs are nonexistent”.


Perhaps more disturbing are MoMo’s psychopathic responses to the victim’s calm demands for an apology. Showing absolutely no signs of remorse, MoMo taunted the victim to try suing him, even going as far as to continue and redouble his harassment. Choice quotes include “I bet you were sexually assaulted many times”, “That is no way to accept an apology”, “You won’t ever get married with that kind of attitude”, and “Keep masturbating”.


Since the connection was made, the Korean community has spared zero vitriol in condemning the ADC pro wannabe. Supporters of CJ Entus in particular are calling for the player’s immediate and irrevocable removal.


It should be noted Head Coach Jung Suk “Reach” Park has previously stated that CJ's three new players, including MoMo, had yet to fully sign and thus should be considered tryout attendees.


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