Streamer's viral lewd clip exposes Twitch's ongoing adult content problem

Screengrab: Life is Sadge

Former Twitch ASMR streamer saveaprincess had a clip of her highly sexualized "ear-licking ASMR" content go viral this week, exposing the ongoing issues with highly-sexualized content on Twitch. The clip, which got her banned in late January, resurfaced on Twitter, where it currently has over 8.3 million views. The clip shows that despite the fact that Twitch has faced criticism for this kind of content finding a home on its platform for at least a year now, not much has changed.


While ear-licking has been tentatively allowed on the platform for the past year or so, led by massive streamers like Amouranth who pushed the ASMR meta to its limits last year, saveaprincess took it too far by engaging in the ear-licking that can only be described as a highly sexualized on a whole new level. The clip, which can be viewed below, is definitely inappropriate for general audiences.



Since being banned from Twitch for her lewd conduct, the streamer and OnlyFans model has moved over to Facebook Gaming, where she engages in normal gaming streams,  since that platform doesn't harbor highly-sexualized ear-licking content, unlike Twitch. The streamer celebrated the fact that she went viral with a series of Tweets about the clip, praising the fact that she is quickly becoming a meme.



While the internet was shocked and just a little too interested in saveaprincess's inappropriate streaming conduct, the entire situation speaks to the failures of Twitch to block adult conduct from being broadcast on their platform. Yes, she was banned, but there are numerous ASMR streamers pushing the limits in very similar ways who have faced no bans. Twitch also continues to harbor streamers engaged in high-stakes gambling, which has been criticized for encouraging viewers to engage in risky gambling habits.


While Twitch has been dealing with both gambling and sexual content on their platform for years, they have primarily taken half measures to address these threats.


Rather than banning the hot tub meta, they introduced a whole category for hot tubs, pools, and beaches. Rather than banning the ear licking meta, they have mostly looked the other way while streamers engage in sexual content on the platform, only taking action against the most egregious sexual performances. Rather than banning gambling, Twitch banned affiliate links to gambling sites, not even banning streamers like TrainWrecks from having lucrative deals to promote gambling platforms like Stake to hundreds of thousands of viewers. 



It is clear that Twitch isn't planning to do much of anything to stop the proliferation of adult content on their platform, beyond the occasional ban when someone goes a little too far. Critics like Devin Nash have called Twitch's handling of adult content a "dumpster fire," arguing that it brings down CPMs and the reputation of the platform for everyone

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