Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list — but it's just Sakurai's cat


Masahiro Sakurai posts about three things on Twitter: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters, Nintendo games, and his cat. 


Fukura appears to be a Scottish Fold that's white with light brown tabby markings. He has a round, adorable face and large eyes. Sakurai clearly loves his cat and is happy to have more time to spend with Fukura now that Ultimate is allegedly complete. 


Here are some of the best recent tweets of Sakurai's cat, ranked from cutest to still cute. 


This is a very important tweet. You get to see the sweet and calm Fukura enjoying getting pet by Sakurai. You also get to see Sakurai's hands, the same ones that play two controllers while showcasing new Ultimate characters. Many people found the short video wholesome and lovely, giving them a sense of calm and happiness. 



This is one of the most striking images of Fukura. The way his giant cheek hangs off the side of the box is glorious. This is a very squeezable cat. 



Cats in things. Cats squeezing through a tube. That would already be amazing enough but then you have Fukura chomping on something too. Look at his one toof. Look at that focused squint. This is an amazing shot of Fukura in action. 



Fukura's pupils are beyond immense as he wholesomely plays with his toy. You can really see how intensely he is thinking about playing, sort of like a Melee player at a local. This is a short look into Fukura's personality. 



This is an adorable image of Fukura looking deep in thought. Look at his dreamy expression as he daydreams about treats and ripping apart Sakurai's white couch. Even better, you can see a sweet smile and a close up of his poofy, adorable peets. 



LOOK AT HIM! SCREEEEEAM! The juxtaposition between Fukura's wild look on the left and the wholesome, owl-like expression on the right is something to behold. Almost mesmerizing. On the left, Fukura looks like he just lost to his fifth online Ness and smashed his GameCube controller into the television. On the right, Fukura is enjoying Kirby memes. 



Look at his face. Those gigantic eyeballs. That pink nose. His long eyelashes. His chin. Those cheeks. This is a very adorable cat. This is the kind of cat you can look at images of all day. It's the kind of cat you buy $20 books of just filled with images of him doing cat things. You could watch this cat literally just stare at a wall and you'd gain a stock. 



This image should be right under the definition of "loaf." Look at that bread-shaped body, looking like a warm loaf taken right out of the oven at a fancy bakery. You can smell the fresh bread. Fukura looks so relaxed here. 



"What are you looking at and why is it not me?"



This is not a very flattering image of Fukura, who usually looks very sweet and lazy. Here, it looks like he may be planning to kill this Christmas ornament. It is tacky, so I don't blame him. But still, the shadow over his eyes makes him look like he's glaring. He is really upset here. It's nice to see another side of Fukura but I can't lie and say it's as cute as the others! 



When this tweet came out, the Smash community immediately started speculating like crazy that the Imposter was going to be in Smash. It was a dark time in Smash history. Not only do I HATE Among Us, but Sakurai had begged players to stop speculating about every single thing he said or did. But if there is one thing Smash players like to do, it's repeat jokes and speculate about things. SPEAKING OF: LET SAKURAI REST. LET HIM HANG OUT WITH HIS CAT IN PEACE. 


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