Sakurai begs Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community to give him a break from speculation and memes


In a recent interview, Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai opened up about the pressure and frustration associated with the community's obsession with DLC fighters. 


A translation of Harada's Bar: A Special Talk with Masahiro Sakurai and Katsuhiro Harada revealed that Sakurai may be as tired as the memes claim. When Harada asked Sakurai why he doesn't often appear on "laid back" programs, Sakurai blamed the structure of Smash. 


"I can't make connections with other games or promote them," Sakurai admitted. "If I connect with other games, people will think that game's character will be added." 



But that wasn't the extent of Sakurai's feedback on the Super Smash Bros. community's behavior. Harada explained that any small thing developers say will suddenly spread as the truth, with fans refusing to let go of these alleged hints. 


In response, Sakurai said: "I want to say, 'Give me a break!'" 


Source: Harada's Bar


The interview was one of the most candid for Sakurai, who often remains silent about the pressure he's under with the Super Smash Bros. series. But more and more theories and demands are forming in the Smash community as the last remaining DLC of all time approaches. And it seems that Sakurai is feeling increasing tension. 


Sakurai's admission that he can't even associate with other games resonated with many in the Smash community, who admitted that the obsession with figuring out the last DLC is too much. But others responded with more theories. Of course. One person even assumed that the last DLC is "another Tekken rep" based on Sakurai's attitude. 


In the interview, Sakurai addressed infamous memes like the "never ask me for anything again" format. He responded that he wanted fans to stop using his face to say what they want to say, even if it's a joke. 


Many noted that Sakurai truly needs rest, not only from Super Smash Bros. and the speculating community but memes in general. Many gathered that Sakurai hated memes. In response, some created memes. Others condemned the meme makers, saying to respect Sakurai's request to the Smash community. 


While the response to Sakurai's candid interview was mixed, it definitely had an impact on the Smash community in general, who mostly felt that they were putting too much pressure on Sakurai as the final DLC approaches. 

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