BREAKING NEWS: Sakurai does something other than work on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Source: Sakurai


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate creator Masahiro Sakurai has been freed from his former shackles and no longer must tirelessly work on content for the now-complete fighting game. 


Ever since Sora was released, Super Smash Bros. fans have been wondering what Sakurai will do. Said to be the last DLC ever, Sora being in the game "completed" Ultimate, according to Sakurai, who said in previous blogs that the game was "finished." This led fans to be worried. Would the game ever get more DLC? Any more updates? Patches? Content? 


And more importantly: What would Sakurai do now? 


Sakurai is well known in the Smash community for his ongoing efforts to bring new content to Smash. He has been working on the series since the Nintendo 64, often opening up about how hard the work has been (even blaming the fandom for their constant speculating and demands). Many Smash players urged Sakurai to rest throughout the years but now Sakurai has even hinted that Smash can't go on without him. 


Luckily, Sakurai has hinted that he has plans outside of video game creation as well. In a previous blog post, Sakurai said he was planning to do a road trip. Now, it seems Sakurai has finally gotten out of the house to do just that. But on a horse. 



Super Smash Bros. fans were shocked to see Sakurai touching grass — while on top of a horse, no less. The photo, captioned "horses are good," screamed freedom. It screamed adventure. It screamed "I'm done with Smash and can now live my life." It's like Sakurai was showing fans what it's like to no longer be obsessively involved in a game with nearly 90 characters in the roster. 


And the outcome looks glorious. 


While some Smash fans speculated (hopefully as a joke) that this hinted at Red Dead Redemption DLC and assumed other horse-related content was coming to Smash, the majority of the community has applauded Sakurai for taking a much-needed break from Smash and enjoying new experiences. 

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