RFLCT co-founder Valkyrae reacts to Addison Rae releasing "blue light" mist

Source: RFLCT

On Wednesday morning, former RFLCT co-founder and streamer Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter reacted on Twitter to the news that Addison Rae is now promoting her own blue light mist called "Screen Break." Screen Break promises to protect from the dangers of blue light from screens, in a similar fashion to Valkyrae's now-defunct RFLCT makeup line.


On Twitter, Valkyrae said: "I'M REBRANDING TO JUST VALKY LOL HOW IS THIS REAL?! I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same company🙃" She also changed her Twitter name to "JUST VALKY," jokingly distancing herself from the name Rae altogether. 



Valkyrae faced massive backlash last year for getting involved in a similar line of makeup products under the name RFLCT. As a result, many online were interested in how she would react to Addison Rae refusing to learn from her mistake. Gamers and numerous dermatologists have been critical of the claim that our screens have a significantly negative impact on your skin, and saw RFLCT as a cash grab based on dubious science.


Addison Rae's Screen Break announcement has drawn a predictably large amount of criticism on the same grounds that Valkyrae's RFLCT did. Many also took to online forums to post memes comparing her product to RFLCT, and generally poking fun at the "dangers" of blue light. Many also speculated along with Valkyrae that this product could very well be from the same folks behind RFLCT, which shut down shortly after the public backlash, with many pointing out the similar style of video for both products.

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