Addison Rae launches her own Blue Light mist, as if Valkyrae's RFLCT never happened

Source: ITEM Beauty

TikTok star and massively popular influencer Addison Rae announced her involvement in a "blue light and anti-pollution protection mist" this week called Screen Break, an ITEM Beauty product currently being sold on Sephora's website. The product is suspiciously similar in claim and purpose to Valkyrae's RFLCT brand, which caused controversy last year over the company's claim that it can protect you from "harmful" blue light from screens.



Addison Rae doubled down the dubious claim that blue light is destroying your skin, saying in her video promoting the product: "Meet Screen Break, ITEM Beauty's Blue light and Anti-Pollution Face Mist. I'm on my phone and laptop a lot, and if you don't know, the blue light that comes from devices can actually cause skin fatigue. So this is clinically proven to protect your skin from artificial blue light."



Rae went on to claim that she keeps the product with her all throughout the day, and sprays it when she "needs a screen break"


The TikTok star appears to be uncritically following in the footsteps of Valkyrae, who was part of the launch of a "blue light protecting" makeup line last year called RFLCT. That product was met with massive amounts of backlash due to the shotty science of claiming that your screen will have a negative impact on your skin health. Numerous dermatologists came forward to question this claim, and ultimately RFLCT shutdown was pulled from Ulta Beauties shelves in response to the controversy.


Given the backlash against Valkyrae, it seems likely that Addison Rae will also see significant backlash to her involvement in a very similar product. After all, she is making the exact same debunked claims about the damage of blue light from screens. If you are truly scared of your screen's blue light, most experts recommend face moisturizer that contains SPF instead, which protects you from the sun too.

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