Valkyrae's RFLCT brand shuts down after days of community backlash

Screengrab via: Valkyrae | YouTube


In the latest development of Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter’s “blue light” saga, the brand carrying the controversial product is no more. According to an announcement on RFLCT’s website, the company has made the decision to terminate the brand. In the statement, RFLCT thanks all those involved in the creation and development of their products. At the end of the announcement, it is stated:


“While we believe in the formulations created, after further reflection, have decided to move forward on new paths, effectively terminating the RFLCT brand.” The move comes after weeks of criticism surrounding the legitimacy of the scientific research regarding blue light’s damage to skin the company has refused to release.


Valkyrae says she saw RFLCT blue-light research, but can't show us: "The research isn't fake!"


RFLCT came to public attention after Valkyrae became associated with the brand after what she quoted to be a two-years-long work. The brand came under community fire almost immediately, however, with people pointing out there are no proven harmful effects of blue light as to warrant the existence of a skin protection cream.


According to a recent leak while in a conversation with fellow streamer Ludwig Aghren, Valkyrae purported to be misled in promoting the project. In the conversation, she made statements of how the controversy was damaging to her brand and floated the idea of leaving all involvement with the brand. Additionally, it was claimed that her business partner, Ulta Beauty, invested $4M into the RFLCT brand.


Whether Valkyrae is at all still affiliated with the brand is unknown, though her recent behavior, the DMs with Ludwig included, points to the streamer's intention to be disconnected with RFLCT. After several tweets on her social media discussing the controversy, most have been deleted. There has been no statement from Valkyrae on the termination of the brand. 

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