[LCK Today] GEN remain undefeated, DRX gain second win of the season


On Jan. 26, in the 2022 LCK Spring Split, Gen.G and DRX swept Kwangdong Freecs and Fredit BRION, respectively. Gen.G collected their fifth win of the season and rose to 1st place and DRX secured their second win of the season, putting themselves in 6th place.


The first match was between Gen.G and Kwangdong Freecs. Gen.G had a good start as they took first blood. Whenever their opponent jungler was seen on the map, Gen.G collected objectives and snowballed their lead. Kwangdong Freecs stayed close by fighting well around the objectives, but they allowed Choi "Doran" Hyeon-joon's Gwen to scale. At the fourth dragon fight, Doran was unstoppable. After winning the dragon fight, Gen.G secured Baron and destroyed Kwangdong Freecs' Nexus.


Kwangdong Freecs tried to play through their strong top side in game 2, but Gen.G didn't just let them do as intended. Gen.G attacked the bot lane and successfully executed a dive. Kim "Kiin" Gi-in tried to delay the snowball as he struck back fiercely, but it was too late. Although the kill score wasn't that far apart, Gen.G was much stronger. After slaying Baron, Gen.G picked up an Ace and finished the game.



Early in game 1 between DRX and Fredit BRION, both teams played rather passively, and there were no kills until the 15-minute mark. The first kill came around the Rift Herald. Fredit BRION overextended and gave up two kills. They were able to take the first two dragons, but that was about it. At the third dragon fight, DRX had a big teamfight win, and the rest of the game simply went their way.


The second game was more one-sided. DRX took the initiative in all lanes to grab an early lead. The global gold difference was already 5K apart when the turret plates fell. By this point, DRX's main damage dealers were too strong for Fredit BRION to stop. DRX maintained their lead to the end and destroyed Fredit BRION's Nexus.



2022 LCK Spring Split Jan. 27 Results


Gen.G 2 - 0 Kwangdong Freecs

DRX 2 - 0 Fredit BRION


2022 LCK Spring Split Standings


1st Gen.G 5-0 (+8)

2nd T1 4-0 (+7)

3rd Nongshim RedForce 3-1 (+3)

4th DWG KIA 2-2 (+2)

5th KT Rolster 2-2 (+1)

6th DRX 2-3 (-2)

7th Hanwha Life Esports 1-3 (-3)

8th Liiv SANDBOX 1-3 (-4)

9th Kwangdong Freecs 1-4 (-6)

9th Fredit BRION 1-4 (-6)

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