Observer rage quits VCT LATAM qualifier after witnessing insane shot

Source: VCT/Riot Games

An official VCT Observer appeared to rage quit from their duties Observing a VCT match on Tuesday, following a cracked play from a player. The encounter took place during the Border Monsters vs. Ryze Gaming VCT LATAM qualifier match. 


After RYZ Jett player Feels landed an incredible blind shot through a Viper smoke on the enemy Viper, the Observer can be seen immediately leaving the match and quitting their VALORANT game entirely. The clip caused an instant reaction from the commentators, who were laughing uproariously at the odd reaction from the Observer.



The event was far from expected, considering the Observer was not a player in the game, simply one of the people helping capture the game for the stream. An Observer's role on an esports production team is to act as in-game camera-person, showing the action up close and personal. So it was surprising that an Observer appeared to have a highly emotional reaction to a play they observed.


It is possible there is another explanation for why the Observer left the VALORANT client at that very moment. But all the initial signs point to the Observer's dereliction of duty being a reaction to the sick gameplay they had just witnessed. Apparently the play was just too awesome for them to stick around.

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