The best TFT comps for Patch 12.2 in Set 6

Despite all the hubbub surrounding the recent announcement of Teamfight Tactics upcoming mid-set update (and teasers of what is to come in Set 7), there is still tons of time remaining in Set 6 for those who wish to rank up. The ongoing tracking of the best TFT team comps to help players dominate each new patch continues as we begin to delve into some of the more specialized comps. 


Patch 12.2 dealt mainly with adjustments to traits (Bodyguards were nerfed, as were Mercenaries for some reason). Champion-wise, Cho’Gath and Lux got some small buffs while Kai’Sa, Sion, and Tahm Kench ate some fairly sizeable nerfs. While the top of the tier list is still almost entirely unchanged, we can still dive into some of those more niche comps that will often depend on very specific items and/or hitting the 3-star carries in order to succeed.

The best TFT comps for Patch 12.2 in Set 6


Scrap/Enforcer Vi

Even though the Scrap/Enforcer comp is normally built around Jinx and Jayce, it is possible to go with this slight variation in order to get Vi rolling. If you’ve been stacking up Vi early (like two 2-stars by the time you hit the end of Stage 3), you can take that Jeweled Gauntlet that you would normally reserve for Jinx and stick it on Vi instead. Defensive items like Guardian Angel, Frozen Heart, or Locket would be ideal for her, whereas the pure tank items like Warmog’s and Dragon’s Claw are reserved for Jayce (or, alternatively, Tahm Kench if you’re having problems finding a Jayce). 


Of course, this comp can easily just shift to a Jinx/Jayce comp if need be, but having Vi as your main carry can absolutely work if you stack items on her early. This also helps to flatten the disparity between early and late game, as you will have a stronger early game comp to build around before pivoting (just stack Bruisers with one other Enforcer like Caitlyn until you hit on Jinx/Jayce).

Imperial/Challenger Samira

Like Vi, Samira isn’t normally a champion that you will be looking to build around, but in the right circumstances (hitting on a lot of units and the proper units). Imperial and Challenger are currently both very weak traits (see the low priority on Yone and Fiora in the tier list) so this comp should most often be unchallenged. The only units that will tend to be contested are the two Assassins (Talon and Ekko) or the two Enchanters (Janna and Orianna). Of those four supplementary champions, the two Assassins can probably be most easily sacrificed (and, in fact, should be if you can land a Sion).


The Challenger/Clockwork combo should give Samira enough damage to get work done, but the front line of Swain is going to be almost as important as Samira, if not more so. Swain can be a challenge to get if other players are going for Arcanist comps, so slap all those defensive items onto him as soon as you can.

Arcanist Vex

Almost always, an Arcanist comp should be built around either Viktor or Lux. In some instances, however, you may be having issues grabbing those two higher-cost units. In that case, it’s important to try and build around a strong mid-cost unit. Vex can be that unit in the Arcanist comp.


Unlike Viktor and Lux, though, her role in this comp should be to build like you would on a Jayce or Cho’Gath: tank items all the way. Yes, you should still try to get AP items if and when you can, however you should recognize that those might not be the most important units for your comp. You can put those AP items onto Malzahar as a placeholder initially (or to see if you can get him to 3-stars as well). Another option is actually to put those items onto another spell-user who is not an Arcanist (like Heimerdinger) as that reliable backline DPS until you can hit either Viktor or Lux. 


The main thing about this comp is that it is incredibly useful in situations where other players might be contesting Arcanists and it is too late to pivot. If you see Arcanists are being contested, that makes it much less likely that you will hit a 2 star Viktor or Lux. However, having a strong Vex early on can help you survive the early game with higher health to outlast your competitors and hopefully find one of those big carries.

Assassin Katarina

Assassins are back in a big way in Patch 12.2, with Shaco and Akali being the two highest-priority picks in that comp. Katarina was a monster pick several patches ago before being nerfed into the ground, but she’s slowly risen up the ranks as a serviceable pick. 


Once again, the premise behind Katarina carry is that you’re unable to get Shacos or Akalis easily in the early-to-mid game, or you are stacking Katarinas up enough that you could get her to 3-stars. The good thing about this comp is that the items can easily go to Shaco (HoJ and IE) and Akali (Ionic Spark) if you miss out on the 3-star Kat. In that case, you would also swap the Leona for a Bruam to get the Syndicate trait active.

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