Teamfight Tactics reveals Set 6.5 and 7 themes


In a rather unusual decision, the Teamfight Tactics developers dropped an update that gave players a look into the future. Not only did players get a look at what might be coming in TFT’s mid-set update (a.k.a. Set 6.5), but also got some teasers as to what the theme of Set 7 will be with some hints at that set’s unique gameplay mechanics. There were also teasers of new cosmetics and events, which champions might be joining the TFT roster during the mid-set update, and even more goodies for players to earn.

TFT Year of the Tiger celebration

Most pressingly, though, TFT revealed the rewards and missions that will be available in the upcoming Lunar Legend Festival. This is a new, annual event where players will be able to earn new Little Legends, Tacticians, and other rewards, with unique missions and cosmetics. The TFT also teased that players will be able to gift to various tacticians to get rewards. Gifts will be earned from missions and doing so will let players get rewards from those tacticians. The Lunar Legend Festival begins on January 20.


This festival will also come with an exclusive Lunar Legend Festival Little Legend, meant to celebrate the Year of the Tiger. In addition, Chibi Firecracker Jinx joins the tactician lineup, and Riot also teased an upcoming Mythical Little Legend. PROJECT: Abyssia will be the first PROJECT-themed tactician to come to Teamfight Tactics, but it was teased as arriving in the future, so it likely won’t become available until after the mid-set update. 


TFT Set 6.5: Neon Nights — What's new?

However, the biggest news dropped in the dev video was the reveal of new information regarding TFT Set 6.5 and 7. In the mid-set update to Set 6, titled Neon Nights, TFT will see the addition of champions from the Debonair and Hextech skin lines. Though no information was given as to how the Debonair trait will work, according to Riot the Hextech trait will interact with a player’s Hextech Augments to send out shockwaves periodically. 


The mid-set update will feature 20 new champions (replacing 20 current TFT champions, including all of those in the Imperial and Academy trait lines). Some of these new Set 6.5 champions will include Alistar (the first time he has been featured in Teamfight Tactics), Draven, Sivir, Gnar, and Lucian. Though not officially confirmed, the gameplay for Set 6.5 seemed to also feature Rek’Sai, Jarvan, Nocturne, and Sejuani. Of course, Silco will also join TFT in Set 6.5 as he becomes the first TFT-exclusive unit. 


TFT Set 7 theme teased (and what comes with it)

Finally, the most interesting drop from the developer video was the tease of the theme of the upcoming TFT Set 7. Though the set is not fully fleshed out, Riot was able to reveal that the set will have a dragon theme, where clans compete to stake their claim to power across various islands. This could mean that there is some sort of cooperative aspect to Set 7, where players are able to influence the narrative of the TFT world (something that Riot said they would start doing with the new Lunar Legends Festival).


Set 7 will also, apparently, return the popular Hextech Augments system, but with a new twist. These upgrades will take the form of dragons who are reportedly “locked behind the mysteries of dormant shrines.” This seems to imply that players will have to unlock their upgrades in game, or perhaps they will unlock automatically at certain game stages (like in Set 6) or at certain health break points (like the Lucky Lantern did in Set 4.5). 

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