LCK finally opens their doors to the fans after two years, so what does LoL Park look like in the pandemic era?

The ongoing pandemic has affected all leagues around the world within LoL Esports, and the LCK was no exception. Depending on the number of cases in Korea, LCK matches were forced to take place either online, or without any live audience at LoL Park. Although fans were allowed in a limited capacity in 2021, the LCK were forced to close down the doors to LoL Park when the number of COVID cases started rising again in 2021.


The start of the 2022 season marked the first time in two years since the LCK allowed live audience to return. While all attendees were required to be fully vaccinated and have their mask on at all times, it was truly welcoming to have the fans back at LoL Park. With the help of our intern Andrew, we at Inven Global are here to show you what LoL Park in full throttle looks like during this pandemic era and what you can do once you get there.

This is the entrance to LoL Park, where you have to get your temperature checked & show proof of vaccination.
Right by the entrance, you can check out the Riot Store for some merch.
If you make your way inside, you can also buy some chicken, sponsored by bbq.
Here's the cafeteria area right next to it!
If you go further in, there's an incredible art, as well as...
The LCK Global analyst chairs! You may even find a wild Brendan Valdes
Toward the main area where the LCK Arena is, you can also find the hall of uniforms,
And a cool display of the LCK championship trophy!
Gen.G vs DWG KIA took place that day, and our intern's a Chovy fan. Welcome to the Church of Chovy.

We also did a short video interview with a Korean Gen.G [Chovy] fan!

"Just believe in Sir Ji-hoon [Chovy]"
Team banners like this can be found everywhere in the main area of LoL Park!

Another short fan interview, this time with someone who visited LoL Park for the first time!

There was 21 minutes and 29 seconds left before Gen.G faced DWG KIA that day.
One of the entrances into the LCK Arena, where the LCK Crew will be on standby to help!
After a nail biter series, Gen.G managed to come out on top over DWG KIA!

With the help of our intern, we created a short video walkthrough of LoL Park as well!

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