GEN Chovy: "I’m happy because we won even though I didn’t do much."


On Jan 14, in the 2022 LCK Spring Split, Gen.G demolished DRX without much trouble. In the center of the “new Gen.G” was Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon. Chovy picked Corki in both games and showed what he was capable of. When he sat with Inven for a post-match interview, he smiled brightly saying, “I’m happy because we won even though I didn’t do much.



Your first match was quite one-sided. How do you feel?


I was a bit worried about my performance since I hadn't played an official game in a while and the monitor changed. There were parts where I didn’t do well, but I’m satisfied because I did alright when it mattered.


Gen.G’s composition in game 1 was quite difficult. Was the draft intended, and do you think the team played well as intended?


Yes. The champions we picked were ones that our players were comfortable playing, and we thought we could make the plays as intended. Also, League of Legends is always a relative game - Doran and Peanut just needed to do better than the opponent, so we thought everything was alright.


The players of the games today were Peanut and Lehends.


I’m happy because we won even though I didn’t do much. [Laughs] But what’s important for me is to stay on my toes. Although we won this way today, if the situation requires me to make important plays, I’ll always be ready to do so.


You still had a great performance in teamfights playing Corki.


Corki needs some time to scale, and I think it’s a champion that does its role well by just getting through the laning phase well. So I got through laning and finished scaling, but the game was over after one teamfight. [Laughs]


What do you think about the new dragons?


Frankly, I like neither Chemtech nor Hextech, but I think the Chemtech soul is OP. The dragon souls usually go to teams that are ahead. Even if a team that’s behind cuts off a champion that has the Chemtech soul, there’s a good chance that they’ll still lose. The games are seldom turned around when the winning team takes the Chemtech soul.


What about the changed Teleport?


We used to use Teleport on minions to freeze the lane and benefit, but we can’t do that anymore. So I think it’s better to give up a few CS and take other spells. I took Teleport today because it was necessary.


Ruler doesn’t usually play non-ADCs. How did he end up picking Ziggs?


Ruler plays Ziggs well, but he just didn’t play him in official games. I’d like to congratulate him on winning his Ziggs debut.


Some fans are worried that Gen.G players might clash with each other as the players’ styles are different. How’s the teamwork?


Having different styles and being stubborn is different. None of us are stubborn, and we try to make plays according to the situations, so it’s no problem.


Peanut and Ruler used to be known for scaling through sacrificing other lanes.


I think it’s impossible in LoL to have one lane make sacrifices so that another lane could scale. Laners and junglers alike should simply do well to go ahead of their opponents. As for Peanut and Ruler, they’re both simply good players.


How does it feel playing on the same team as Doran and Lehends again?


I’m happy playing with them and it’s fun. [Laughs]


Your next match is against DWG KIA. How do you think it’ll go?


I think we should be able to win if the other players just play like today… Probably, they will. I’ll also just play as well as I did today.


Any last comments?


It was fun playing today since it has been quite a while since I played an official game. I’ll do my best so that I can continue feeling this way. I’d like to thank all the fans who cheer for me, regardless of where they are. I hope you all are happy and healthy. I’ll make sure that I can show you good results this year.

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