LSB Clozer: "Whether it’s itemization, macro, or split-second decision making, PawN’s really good at filling in the gaps."

On Jan 12, Liiv SANDBOX took a 2-0 victory over DRX on the opening day of the 2022 LCK Spring split. While many expected DRX to take the victory tonight due to the names on the roster, LSB managed to take the clean 2-0, and will be facing Nongshim RedForce on Saturday, Jan 15.


The mid laner for LSB, Lee “Clozer” Ju-hyeon, joined the press room for a post-match interview.

How do you feel after your victory on opening day?


It feels good to 2-0 our opponents on the opening day. It’s been a while since there was an audience at LoL Park. It’s also my first time experiencing a full house, and I think it’s very fun. All the coaches and the players are really great to get along with, so it’s been fun. In terms of tonight’s matchup, we thought that we’d be able to outscale our opponents with both of our drafts.

As a new roster full of young prospects, how does the team self-evaluate their strengths?


I think that while our roster is young, we all individually have great potential, so as long as we keep taking games like tonight, I know that we’ll become a strong roster.

Thoughts on being on a starting line up?


It’s definitely great. I’m full of confidence these days, so I think I’ll be able to capitalize on our gameplay. Aggressive champions such as Irelia and Akali are my specialties, so I plan to utilize my strengths to the fullest.

You’re known for such aggressive champions like Irelia and Akali, but scaling champions such as Corki and Viktor have also come up in the meta. What are your thoughts on those two champions?


I think Viktor’s just strong at all points in the game, while Corki is a late game monster that deals a surprising amount of damage.

One of LSB’s exciting roster moves was when the legendary mid laner, Heo “PawN” Won-seok was announced to join the team as the positional coach for the team. How has his influence affected your gameplay so far? Please also tell us what it’s like to work with a legend.


Whether it’s itemization, macro, or split-second decision making, PawN’s really good at filling in the gaps. A lot of it comes from his vast amount of experience as a player, so I'm learning a lot.

What can you tell us about Dove and his role swap from mid to top? 


I always thought he was a great player, no matter what role he played. He’s shown excellence in his gameplay so far, so I think he’ll do great.

Goals for this season?


1st place if we can, but right now, we’re focused on improving and gaining experience. They say to dream big, so right now, my goal’s 1st place.

Lastly, a word to your fans.


It was lovely to meet the fans in person again. I’ll work very hard this split to achieve the goals for this season.

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