The best TFT comps for Patch 12.1 in Set 6


Patch 12.1 focused mainly on adjustments to some of the more problematic Augments (Ascension, Stand United, Cybernetic Implants, and Sunfire Board being some of the biggest offenders), with only some small adjustments to units and traits. While there were also some massive changes to overtuned items as well (Morellonomicon needed a nerf, Guardian Angel was probably a bit over-nerfed) the overall strength of champions did not change significantly. As a result, a lot of the strongest comps remain at the top of this tier list, with a few rising up or falling down in the A and B tiers.


In the past, we have focused on some more general top-tier comps, like Scrap/Enforcer Jayce or full Innovator Seraphine. However, there are some instances where subtle wrinkles to these high-end comps might actually serve you better, either because secondary traits have been buffed, nerfed, or just have advantages. Today, the tier list will discuss some of these wrinkles and go through a few other solid TFT comps that have not yet been discussed.

The best TFT comps for Patch 12.1 in Set 6

S Tier
Jayce (Enchanter Enforcer) Jinx (Scrap Enforcer)
A Tier
Seraphine (Innovator Enchanter) Orianna (Enchanter Bodyguard)
Viktor (Chemtech Scholar) Viktor (Academy Scholar)
Vi (Scrap Sister) Galio (Colossus Enchanter)
Jhin (Enchanter Clockwork) Lissandra(Chemtech Scholar)
Lux (Academy Enchanter) Fiora (Challenger Enchanter)
B Tier

Vex (Arcanist Scholar) Akali (Syndicate Assassin)
Malzahar (Chemtech Mutant) Urgot (Chemtech Bruiser)
Shaco (Syndicate Assassin) Trundle (Scrap Bruiser)
Kog'Maw (Chemtech Mutant) Kai'Sa (Mutant Challenger)
  Tristana (Enchanted Sniper) Katarina (Academy Assassin)
  Jhin (Sniper Clockwork) Dr Mundo (Chemtech Bruiser)
  Cho'Gath (Chemtech Mutant) Tahm Kench (Mutant Bruiser)
  Swain (Imperial Enchanter) Garen (Academy Protector)

Enforcer/Enchanter Jayce

This also doubles as a Seraphine comp, but Jayce remains an incredibly strong frontline threat in TFT’s Set 6. This comp actually outpaces the more traditional Enchanter/Innovator Jayce (where Vi and Jinx are replaced with Ezreal and Heimerdinger). Whereas in this comp you will lose the extra frontline presence of a stronger Innovator creature, you gain extra crowd control from Jayce and Vi thanks to the Enforcer trait.


This comp also works so well because it has several secondary carries (Jinx and Seraphine), who deal mixed damage. This means that enemy teams cannot effectively itemize against you without sacrificing a lot of offensive power. Of course, the downside is that this comp takes a long time to come online, so players will have to take care that they do not lose too much health early on before they are able to hit level 8. 


Enchanter/Bodyguard Orianna

This is a fairly new and unique comp that is built around one of the most overlooked carries in TFT: Orianna. This comp is essentially a variation on the “Bill Gates” comps of past sets. The only two units that are not 4 or 5-cost are Blitzcrank and Taric. Tahm Kench and Seraphine essentially have no trait synergy within this comp, but they exist to add damage. 


Bodyguard is the second emphasized trait in this comp mainly because of Braum and how effective he can be at applying crow control. However, should you prefer to go Bruisers as the secondary trait and build around Tahm Kench, that’s certainly an option. That would be ideal if you manage to get a lot of Zacs and Vis in the early stages of the game.

Arcanist Lux

This is, perhaps, the most standard Arcanist comp that you can go. It’s never been particularly strong, but you could theoretically run this comp almost every game and top-four very consistently. A six Arcanist comp lets Lux fire lasers over and over again with some level of protection from Janna, Swain, and Vex. Scholars with Janna and Yuumi are the optimal options to accompany the Arcanists, but up until you actually hit a Yuumi, it’s best to go Enchanters (Taric and Orianna).


Of course, Viktor is the ideal carry for any Arcanist comp, but the problem you run into with Viktor as the primary carry is that the comp doesn’t come online until much later. Lux is generally a much safer option as the primary carry as you can get access to a Lux much earlier. Another big issue for Viktor versus Lux is that the two do not necessarily have overlapping itemization, since Lux wants Blue Buff while Viktor wants Shojin. Someone like Heimerdinger or even Malzahar can hold items for either Lux or Viktor while waiting to pick them up from the shop in the early game.

Chemtech/Twinshot Urgot

Even though Jinx and Viktor are in this comp, make no mistake: the priority is on Urgot. Another comp with a fantastic balance of frontline and backline damage, the Chemtech trait is critical for keeping those Bruisers in the frontline alive for as long as possible. Another option is to go six Bruisers if you’re unable to hit Viktor late-game.


Mercenaries is often the best option to go in the early game as Gangplank is a great holder of Urgot’s items, but Mutants can also be a fine option with Kog’Maw holding the items. In fact, Kog’Maw is a more ideal option for rolling than GP, as Kog can actually be a menace at 3-stars, whereas Gangplank is almost never worth going as your primary carry. As for the defensive items, Vi is probably your best option for holding defensive items until you get Mundo, and she should be your ideal choice for a Chemtech emblem if you get one.

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