Pokimane says she is "not surprised" she was banned and thinks her ban is fair

Source: Pokimane/Twitch

Imane "Pokimane" Ayns clarified on Saturday that she is not surprised that she was banned for DMCA violations, nor does she think the ban on her is unfair. She was banned for a live-DMCA strike for 48-hours on Friday, after she watched the Nickelodeon-owned Avatar: Last Air Bender on her stream.


"Just to be clear, I'm not surprised and I don't think this is unfair," the streamer said in a Tweet. "[In my opinion], it was inevitable that publishers would take action, on me or someone else, during this react meta. Will chat more about this Monday, when I can further elaborate on the situation!"



Following Poki's ban, many streamers like xQc, Hasan, and Disguised Toast shrugged it off as an anomaly, and nothing to be overly worried about. But then Hasanabi was served with a copyright takedown notice by Twitch on the behalf of Fox for watching Master Chef.



As a result, Hasan declared that the Master Chef meta has finally come to an end, with streamers like xQc, Pokimane, and Hasan no longer able to stream the popular competition show.



Top Twitch streamers shrug off Pokimane DMCA ban, continue streaming TV shows


Despite the DMCA issues over the past couple of days, streamers like Hasan have stated their plans to continue watching TV content on stream.  Both Hasan and DisguisedToast spent significant amounts of time on Friday and Saturday defending their continued decisions to stream copyrighted content. However, it is possible that this is the start of a deluge of new copyright claims against Twitch streamers using content without a license, which could potentially curb that practice for good, at least for major content owned by larger publishing companies.


Poki will return to streaming on Monday, at which point she said she will be discussing her view on the DMCA ban.

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