Hasan declares "the Master Chef meta is completely over" after DMCA takedown notice

Source: Hasan/Twitch

Twitch streamer Hasan declared that the Master Chef meta is over on Saturday, after receiving a DM from Twitch Pluto, a member of the Twitch partnerships department. 

"Okay, It's over," the streamer said, after reading the undisclosed DM on stream. "Master Chef is over. Master Chef as a meta is completely over, that's it, it's done. There it is. No more Master Chef, it's done. Moving on."


He continued, "Unfortunately, Master Chef will no longer be watched on this stream, or on other streams as well. . . Controversy ended. . . If the copyright owner decides it's not acceptable to watch, then it's done."



The DM was a missive to Hasan and other streamers to stop streaming FOX television shows like Master Chef on his channel. The message comes the day after Pokimane was banned for a DMCA violation for watching Avatar: The Last Airbender on her channel on Friday. While that should have been alarming to streamers, many of them, including Hasan, shrugged off the ban as no big deal. But now a day later, Hasan is declaring the end of the Master Chef meta due to the owners of Master Chef not wanting it to be streamed on the platform.



The copyright notice comes the week after the creator of Master Chef, Gordon Ramsay, realized that Twitch existed and subsequently took shots at streamers on the platform for illegally streaming his show. 



Over the past few months, top Twitch streamers have taken to watching copyrighted television shows and movies with their audience, despite that being a clear violation of the American DMCA. The most popular of those shows has been Master Chef, though anime and other reality shows have also been key selections from streamers. Up until Friday, very few of the streamers have faced any real long-term consequences, but Poki's ban on Friday has sparked renewed scrutiny of the illegal watching practices.


It is possible that even more copyright holders will start contacting Twitch to block their content from being streamed on the platform in the near future, possibly signaling the end of the TV react meta as we know it. Despite being blocked from Master Chef, Hasan made it clear he still plans to continue watching shows on his stream.

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