Street Fighter pro globally banned by Capcom following disturbing admission of rape

Source: Capcom

Content warning: Sexual violence, Rape

Capcom announced on Friday that they have permanently, globally banned streetfighter Brazilian pro Robson "Robinho" Oliveria from all of their events after the player shared a story on his stream about him allegedly gang-raping an inebriated woman with several other people. He was also released from his team PATOZ this morning following the backlash to the player's story. He has since denied the veracity of his own story in comments made to Globo, claiming he made up the story.

"It has come to our attention that Robson "robinho" Oliveria made claims in a public forum wherein he described participating in reprehensible and atrocious acts," Capcom said in their announcement on Twitter. "We have a zero-tolerance for these types of acts and behavior, which, at a minimum level, violate the player code of conduct, potentially Brazilian laws, and deserve actions. Therefore [robinho] is hereby permanently banned from all Capcom owned and/or operated events."


Capcom continued, saying, "while this is just one consequence, we hope that local authorities quickly investigate and address this matter to the fullest extent of the law."


In the clip in question, Robinho described a situation where he and eight other men took advantage of a woman who was drunk and allegedly raped her together. He also called her a "huge slut" and a "skank" during that same clip. In a translation of the clip, Robinho is described as saying: "I took her to the shack, called eight crazy people and said today she's going to get f*cked up. bro, she got herself all broken. . . I did her good, everyone got a turn."



While the player is denying that his story is true, the disturbing story and questions it raised has ended his Street Fighter V career.

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