T1 or Gen.G most likely to win Spring split? A look into the 2022 LCK Spring Media Day

On Jan 5, the 2022 LCK Spring split media day took place at the Yongsan I-Park CGV LCK theater. The head coach and one player from each LCK team were in attendance, where they shared their thoughts on the upcoming season.

The event started with a few words from Lee Jung-hoon, the Secretary General of LCK. He talked about the key changes for the Spring split. Players can now be sent down/called up every week, and changes have been made to the LCK Regional qualifiers [Worlds qualifiers]. Furthermore, in order to accommodate the 2022 Asian Games schedule, the upcoming Spring split will have 5 days of regular split matches per week in both round 1 and 2.


Ever since the pandemic started, LCK did not allow live spectators on site for their matches. All matches were either held without any fans on-site or online since 2020 Spring, and although fans were allowed back to LoL Park briefly in 2021 Summer, further restrictions forced the LCK to shut its doors to the fans once again. Secretary General Lee commented, “We’re making preparations to welcome fans back to the LCK Arena. More details will be announced later this week.”

Shortly after, a Q&A session took place for all the players and coaches in attendance. Accomanied by their head coaches, DWG KIA’s Heo “ShowMaker” Su, T1’s Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, Gen.G’s Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk, Nongshim RedForce’s Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun, Liiv SANDBOX’s Kim “Dove” Jae-yeon, Kwangdong Freecs’ Park “Teddy” Jin-seong, KT Rolster’s Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee, Hanwha Life Esports’ Kim “OnFleek” Jang-gyeom, Fredit BRION’s Um “UmTi” Sang-hyeon, and DRX’s Hwang “Kingen” Seong-hoon were the 10 player representatives for this event.


One of the questions that was asked to every team in attendance was, “Which team do you think will win the Spring split this year?” All of the teams have either chosen T1 and Gen.G as the two strongest competitors to take the title this Spring Split. T1 was chosen for their level of performance in 2021, the potential that the team has shown, and for the minimal number of changes to their roster from last year. As for Gen.G, almost all the teams were in agreement that their roster looked very stacked, with head coach Choi “Edgar” Woo-beom even commenting, “Gen.G’s roster even has the potential to win Worlds.”

Faker commented, “There were things we lacked last year at Worlds because it hasn’t been long since the five of us played together as a team. I believe that our roster this year has the potential to overcome those obstacles this year. I predict that we’re going to play much better than last year. There are still things we’re working on, but I think that this is the year that we can show that potential.”


Lastly, the Q&A session ended with all the players and coaches in attendance sending a thank you message to the fans for cheering them on in 2021, and promised to work hard towards achieving goals and getting to Worlds in 2022. 

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