xQc teases possible collaboration with Gordon Ramsay

Source: xQc/Twitch/Fox

Felix "xQc" Lengyel confirmed on Monday that he spoke with Chef Gordon Ramsay's manager, following a Twitter interaction between Ramsay and xQc on Sunday. The confirmation of the discussion with Ramsay's team feeds into the widespread hope among xQc and streaming fans that he will collaboration with Gordon Ramsay, who is the host of Master Chef and other culinary shows that have become a popular trend for many Twitch streamers to watch with their audiences.


"In other news, I spoke with Gordon's manager dude or whatever," xQc said on stream on Monday. "It would be cool to do like a cool interview with the man in charge, the man who leads it all."



The conversation with Gordon's team comes after Gordon made headlines for stating on his new show Next Level Chef that he didn't know "what the f*ck" Twitch was, in response to one of his contestants being a Twitch streamer. This prompted a lot of trolling online of Gordon, which in turn prompted the famed chef to Tweet at Twitch asking for a lesson in what it is. xQc replied to that tweet, offering to give him the rundown, which sparked hopes online that xQc could actually collaborate with Ramsay.


Ramsay has become an unexpected star of Twitch, especially considering his ignorance of the platform, with numerous streamers watching his show Master Chef as a regular part of their content. While the practice of streaming a television show is legally dubious at best, xQc has remained unphased, even attacking streamers who critique his TV content on Monday, calling those streamers garbage.


"If you complain about other people's content, and say 'DMCA, aw dude, this is illegal' if you comment about everyone's content all day, it usually doesn't mean their content sucks, it means your streaming is garbage," xQc ranted. 



While xQc continues to deflect and deny that he is doing anything wrong by stealing television content, multiple credible sources have criticized the watching of TV and movies on Twitch. Both Head of Twitch Community Productions djWHEAT and US Attorney Ryan Morrison have, in no uncertain turns, recommended strongly against streamers violating copyright law, warning of dire consequences for their channel should the major media companies who own shows like Master Chef decide to take action.



How long can the MasterChef Twitch meta last?


Despite the controversy and discussion surrounding the illegal streams from folks like xQc, the television and movie meta on Twitch is still going strong.

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