The 6 best Hearthstone decks for Fractured in Alterac Valley week 1 meta


The first week of the new Hearthstone expansion Fractured in Alterac is coming to an end. The new cards were powerful enough to shake up the meta. Let's check out how the new meta is.


Libram Paladin




The deck with the highest winrate in the current meta is Libram Paladin. While it has the same core Libram set, there are five new cards and several tech cards to help in the meta.


Irondeep Trogg is currently the most hated card in Fractured in Alterac and it synergizes well with Libram Paladin because the deck has a lot of buff spells. Lightforged Cariel is a great hero card that also works well in the current meta with many different OTK decks to face. Rustrot Viper and Mutanus the Devourer helps against OTK decks, too.


OTK Freeze Shaman


Deck code:  AAECAaoICJPCA5zOA/zeA6bvA9D5A4b6A6iKBMORBAvhzAPw1AOz3AOn3gOS5APj7gPTgAS5kQT5kQSVkgTckgQA


Moorabi's wish lasted more than just one day. Freeze Shaman developed into a new OTK archetype. Bolner+Y'Shaarj OTK was theorycrafted in the previous expansion but did not see any play because there were other OTK combo decks with marginally faster speed. 


The OTK combo here is: Play corrupted Circus Medic and Dunk Tank. Once you reach 10 mana, play Bolner Hammerbeak, Lightning Bloom, then Y'Shaarj, the Defiler. Every time you play a corrupted Circus Medic, Bolner will refill your hand by triggering Y'Shaarj's battlecry again. If you need to deal a lot of damage, you can kill your own Circus Medic with a Circus Medic to clear your own board to deal infinite damage (if your APM is fast enough).


The trick is that wins most of the time without playing the full OTK. The freeze package has an amazing tempo throughout any part of the game and it also helps cycling through the deck and buy time to search for combo pieces. Even if you don't get the full combo, Circus Medic and Dunk Tank will be enough to close off the game after hitting face with Snowfall Guardian. 


Against other OTK decks, you can play Bolner, Mutanus, and Macaw to completely shut off your opponent's hand. Flexibility is the key with this archetype.


OwlTK Warlock




OwlTK Warlock was so dominant in day 1 of Alterac that every other deck in the meta decided to tech against it. Almost every deck is running Viper and Mutanus to counter Rods and Owls. It is now weaker, but still a meta competing deck despite all the hatred on it.


The OwlTK combo works by killing your Humongous Owl, then playing Tamsin's Phylactery on your minions and clearing your own board to kill your own opponent. Tamsin's Phylactery can be doubled with Tamsin Roame.


Some Warlocks are teching against the meta by playing two Owls or playing Vipers and Mutanus on your own side. If you love Owls and survive through the meta, try teching your own list.


Garrote Rogue


Deck code:  AAECAaIHBJ/NA6TRA8X5A/uKBA3evgPgvgOqywPHzgPn3QPz3QOo6wOr6wP+7gOO9AO9gAT2nwT3nwQA


Garrote Rogue was in the center of Stormwind meta and Garrote was nerfed in response. Garrote Rogue still finds a way into the meta with one new card — Shadowcrafter Scabbs.


Efficient Octo-bot and FIeld Contact are insane tools that can outpace any other OTK decks. Garrote nerf limits the total amount of damage, but it can still pull off the combo faster than any other lists. If there are less decks that armors up and more OTK decks with limited healing, Garrote Rogue has a merit.


Shadowcrafter Scabbs is one of the best hero cards in Alterac and even better when reduced with Efficient Octo-bot. It's hero power will enhance the combo by cheating mana. If you are confident playing a high-skill cap, try Garrote rogue out.


Quest Rogue


Deck code:  AAECAaIHCMPhA53wA6b5A8f5A72ABL+ABO2ABPuKBAuqywPf3QPn3QPz3QOf9AOh9AOi9AOj9QOm9QP1nwT2nwQA


Scabbs is so good that this deck plays three different Scabbs cards also with the Scabbs portrait. Quest Rogue got a decent buff from the previous mini-pack Deadmines, getting Blackwater Cutlass, Edwin, Defias Kingpin, and Mr. Smite. With Shadowcrafter Scabbs on the top, Quest Rogue is currently one of the best tempo decks.


Quest Rogue is arguably the easiest meta deck to play in the current meta. If you are looking for easy decks to play, this is the place to go.


Celestial Druid




The last deck on this guide is Celestial Druid. Although this deck is not the best deck in average, it has polarized matchups and stands out in certain matchups. For example, OTK Freeze Shaman can't do anything against Celestial Druid because they don't have any mana reductions and if every card costs 1 mana, they can't be corrupted. 


If you are looking for the most spicy OTK list, Celestial Druid will be your best friend. It may not be the winningest deck, but the most fun OTK for sure.

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