Photos from Seoul Smash 14: A look into Korea's young, but growing Smash Ultimate scene

The Super Smash Bros franchise is a game that I grew up playing. Especially when I was really young. My first experience with Smash was when I went over to my friend’s house to play Melee in middle school. I grinded that game a lot with my friends, but as I grew up, my interests naturally shifted towards PC games.


Fast forward many years later to 2019. Through a friend of mine that’s played the Smash Bros series for many years [he was one of the top 10 Wolf players in Brawl], I regained my love for the game, and for the last 2+ years, I’ve been grinding Ultimate with my friend.


Unfortunately, the Ultimate scene isn’t as big in Korea as it is in the West. While Korea’s known for its rich history of esports, not much of it associates with Smash Bros. However, Korea still does have dedicated followers to the scene, and a lot of the growth can be contributed to Core-A Gaming.


Core-A hosts various fighting game tournaments each month. As COVID-19 halted practically everything around the world, Core-A’s offline events were put on hold as well. For over a year. Nov. 28 marked their first time reopening their studios and hosting an offline local, ‘Seoul Smash 14’, in a very long time, and I thought that it'd be the perfect occasion for me to enter my first local.


Unfortunately, I lost all my games, but the games felt winnable, and I learned what I need to improve on. But hey, I get to now share these sick photos from the tournament with our readers!

This is Leonardo "MkLeo" Perez's prize money at Uprising 2019, a major hosted in South Korea. This is one of the first things you'll see when you walk into Core-A Studios
Setting up controls with the friend that taught me the game.
[From left to right] Two of the tournament organizers, Denz and Josh.
Studio room for the event. One cool thing about this set up was that everyone were free to cast the games if they wanted, and the commentary is in both Korean and English.
Seoul Smash Stage Ruleset.
My first match was against a guy named Omega Mask [I think]. Lost 0-2. I hate Peach.
My teacher did a lot better in his bracket. He said Wolf < Sora
My other friend @Sloth_Hipster and I watching our friend's set
The guy in the T1 shirt was giving out Pikachu masks at the event. Such a lovely fella.
Main stage! This set between Mario and Villager was intense!
Mario won, and the place was popping off.
The player's name is Tanark, a Fox main and one of the best players in Korea.
Tanark got 1st place this tournament!

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