KT Rolster Deft on current meta, being named the most handsome player, and alpacas


Here is an interview we had with Deft, ADC playing for KT Rolster! He is known for his signature marksman plays, and recently showed some truly outstanding performance in the 2017 LCK Spring Playoffs - Round 2. We had time to ask him several questions about his last match, as well as a bit about his life in the teamhouse.




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Hello, I’m Hyeokgyu “Deft” Kim and I play ADC for KT Rolster.

Any tips on how to use QSS like you did in Game 2 to shut down Lee Sin’s ultimate?

I wouldn’t exactly call it tip, but it’s easier if you anticipate the opponent’s next move.

How do you feel about AA-based AD carries being on the upswing thanks to Blade of the Ruined King, compared to the previous “lethality meta”?

I didn’t have much fun before because playing champions like Jhin and Varus involved too much poking from a distance. But I think it’s more fun now.

Which meta do you prefer?

I prefer the current meta.

What are your thoughts on Rakan and Xayah?

I didn’t really look into them. I only remember that they get to recall base in unison. From what I’ve heard one of them is ADC. I think it’ll be fun especially because there aren’t many ADC champions to play these days.

KT seems to have this fun atmosphere. Are you having a good time at the teamhouse, too?

Since my teammates aren’t normal, I think we’re having a good time as long as one of us is in good mood.

When Smeb wore glasses, Score named you the most handsome player on the team.

He was just saying that, but I think both Smeb and Score are good-looking. Still, I believe Pawn is the most handsome.

From the Off the Record series, you often argued that you were the most sane person. Do you still feel that way?

These days, I think I’m getting weird too…

In one of the latest episodes, you were crying out to your teammates to hold off the attack

I don’t normally act like that. I guess I was a bit crazy because we were on a losing streak.

How many alpaca dolls did you receive from fans?

Including the ones that have my actual faces, I have about 20 to 30 in all shapes and sizes.

Do you still keep in touch with support player Meiko from the previous team?

Even recently, we tend to talk a lot on things like WeChat and in-game as well.

What do you feel when you see many Chinese fans coming to see you?

I have nothing but be thankful that so many fans come to see me despite China being quite far away from Korea.

Why do you think Smeb likes to pick on you?

It’s one of the things I’ve heard a lot in school. I guess I have good reactions when people pick on me. They say it’s fun.

Tell us about the mindset going into the playoffs round 3.

Since we lost to Samsung in the last match against them in the regular season, I want to get a revenge and work hard to win.

Any message to the fans and the people on Inven?

I’m always thankful to the fans and I hope you continue to cheer us on. I don’t think there are that many people who like to stir up arguments about me on Inven. But there are still those people elsewhere. I’m not sure… I wish you trust and root for us. Thank you

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