The best TFT comps for Patch 11.22 in Set 6


Teamfight Tactics Set 6 is finally live and with almost a week’s worth of games played, the meta is finally beginning to form. Although we had our initial suspicions about what comps might be strong out the gate, this week on Patch 11.22 has revealed why you play the game. While some strong comps like Academy Lux certainly looked like they would rule the roost right, some under-the-radar comps like Challenger Fiora and slow rolling Lissandra have taken their place at the top of the meta.


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Our first tier list of Set 6 takes into account not only the strength of the main traits that the comp is based off, but also the main carry in the comp. These comps are built around having one of the strongest carries in the game (typically the 4 or 5-cost units) at their center, but also making sure that the supporting units are quite strong as well. Let’s take a look at what comps have been dominating Teamfight Tactics to start the new Set.

Best TFT comps in Set 6, Patch 11.22

S Tier
Viktor (Academy Scholar) Jayce (Enchanter Enforcer)
Yone (Academy Enchanter) Jinx (Scrap Enforcer)
Lux (Academy Enchanter) Dr Mundo (Chemtech Scholar)
Orianna (Innovator Enchanter)  
A Tier
Jhin (Enchanter Clockwork) Lissandra (Chemtech Scholar)
Seraphine (Innovator Socialite)  
B Tier

Tahm Kench (Mutant Bruiser) Fiora (Challenger Enchanter)
Vex (Arcanist Yordle) Vi (Scrap Sister)
Galio (Colossus Enchanter) Garen (Academy Mutant)
Malzahar (Chemtech Mutant) Twitch (Checmtech Assassin)

Academy/Scholar Viktor

Viktor’s ability, Chaos Rays, may be one of the strongest damaging abilities in Teamfight Tactics. Firing multiple lasers that can zap several enemies while also reducing their shielding capabilities (which is key considering how OP shields are in TFT Set 6), Viktor can be one of the strongest carries in the game. The problem, though, is his ability’s massive 140 mana cost (and a starting mana of 0) means you’re lucky to get just one cast of the Chaos Rays per game.


This build, however, helps to amp up the mana regen for Viktor and other Arcanists, as the Scholars will grant 10 mana every 2 seconds on top of the mana Viktor naturally generates. In addition, having Lux as the secondary carry makes this comp even stronger, and allows you to potentially flex into an Academy/Arcanist Lux comp if you’re not able to hit on Viktor early enough.

Enchanter/Innovator Jayce

Jayce is an incredibly strong frontline champion, and he only gets more out of his insane tankiness and damage with multiple Enchanters. When you place Jayce in one of the front two rows, he plays in melee form for that round. His ability, To the Skies!, grants him a shield that is buffed up by all the Enchanters (Janna, Taric, and Orianna) in this comp. 


In addition, the Innovators also give Jayce another tank to help him absorb the brunt of your enemy team while your two backline carries, Orianna and Seraphine, can pump out damage themselves. Even though those two are not quite as strong as Jayce, this whole comp works together quite well. In the event that you’re not able to hit on Jayce, you can always try to transition to a Jhin or Lux as your carry while you wait to pick up Jayce.

Chemtech Lissandra

This is one of the first slow roll comps on the tier list, as you will be aiming to hit 3-star Lissandra with these items. However, the beauty of this comp is that you can also flex some items onto Urgot and Mundo (although he will always be your primary tank).


Even though Cho’Gath got most of the love and praise for his tank/carry potential in Set 6’s time on the PBE, once the set went live players realized that Mundo is actually a far superior tank. With his Chemtech trait, Mundo will become nearly unkillable when dropping to below 75% health (at least briefly) along with his Zap Dose ability. This should give the rest of your carries like Lissandra (or Viktor if you cannot hit 3-stars her items work on him fine) and Urgot to decimate the rest of the enemy’s forces.


This is a bit of a cheeky comp, but it does require you to hit on a Hextech Augment that will give you one extra Mutant. Regardless, this six Bruiser comp is incredibly annoying to play against, especially once you get to late game.


There, you should look to put any items that are not on a key carry (a 3-star Vi, Zac, Cho’Gath, or Trundle) onto Jinx and/or Tahm Kench. Those two will only continue to accelerate in power late game as you can continuously feed units to Tahm Kench to boost his stats. If you get a Mutant Emblem, putting it on TK is always the way to go, unless it’s for bonus AD/attack speed, in which case it might be better on Jinx. 


Item-wise, just about anything defensive you can slap onto a big Bruiser will work and rolling for a 3-star Vi or Trundle is often uncontested (Cho, not so much). If you get to late game not hitting them, Mundo and Tahm as your big carries will do just fine.

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