The three best TFT comps for day 1 of Set 6 Gizmos & Gadgets


Teamfight Tactics Set 6: Gizmos & Gadgets is officially upon us! Players who have been waiting for the chance to check out the Academics, Scholars, Chemtechs, and Arcanists will finally get their chance to try out all the new comps. The new Hextech Augment mechanic is being added to give more depth and creativity to players when creating these new comps, and Teamfight Tactics has been turned completely on its head.


TFT Hextech Augments tier list: The best (and worst) Hextech Augments in Set 6


With a complete reset to Teamfight Tactics, many players will be scrambling to figure out which comps are good, which ones are bad, and try to take advantage of the chaos that is the first few days of a new set to rack up some easy wins. Having played a fair amount of games on the PBE, there are three comps that have consistently shown to be exceptionally strong, simple, and, above all else, do not require specific Hextech Augments to be at their most effective. For Day 1 of TFT Set 6, here are three comps you can look to play for some consistent high placements.

Lux comp: Academics/Enchanters


Lux is probably going to be one of the strongest and most-contested carries to start Set 6. Her massively high-damage ability which is on a fairly low cooldown makes her an extremely strong unit. The Academy trait, which grants units bonus AD and AP every time they cast and abilities, only serves to ramp up her power throughout the course of the combat.


The biggest key to this comp, though, is the Enchanters and specifically how they interact with the healers like Taric and Janna. Because Enchanters increase the shield and heal power of units on the board, this will help keep your Lux upright and on the board, pumping out damage. This also makes items like Redemption and Locket extremely beneficial.


Speaking of items, just about any AP or mana items are good on Lux (or Viktor if you have any excess AP items). Defensive items should go on Leona, but you’re not trying to slow roll for a 3-star Leona, so it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get a lot of great defensive items. And, as mentioned above, if you can get a Redemption in this comp to amp up the healing, that’s even better.

Cho'Gath & Malzahar comp: Chemtech/Mutants


This is an interesting comp to look into just because Mutants gain a unique bonus in each match, that changes every time. As a result, the Mutant trait you get in a particular game will change how the comp is played.


While the base of this comp is focused around Cho’Gath and Malzahar (yes, you would ideally like to slow roll for 3-stars of both of these), there are opportunities to shift to another carry like Kai’Sa or Viktor should you miss on those re-rolls. The Chemtech trait is largely an afterthought and a good tack-on trait, so no need to focus on it too much.


As for itemization, all defensive items possible should go onto Cho’Gath as he can be a monster carry in the frontlines but excess defensive items can go onto Mundo. AP items would ideally go onto Malzahar, but if you whiff on getting 3-star Malz, you can shift those AP items over to Viktor. Similarly, if you get some attack speed items (or the Mutant bonus is AD or attack speed-based), building around that late-game Kai’Sa is a perfectly viable option.

Gangplank comp: Mercenary/Twinshot


This one is a bit of a more “for fun” comp that is based around getting Gangplank rolling to (literally) print money. That being said, the beauty of this comp is that there is a lot of flexibility that can be had with this comp. 


If you get a bunch of AP items, those can slot onto Miss Fortune. If you manage to stack up Kog’Maws and get him to 3-stars you can stick those attack speed items from Jinx onto Kog’Maw and transition to some Mutants if the bonus works for Kog. Urgot can take just about any of Jinx or GP’s items if you’re able to stack them up. If you hit level 9 (which you should based on all the extra gold this comp generates), though, be sure to throw in Vi for the Sister bonus between her and Jinx. 


The one downside to this comp is that, once you max out on gold and levels, you don’t really have a great late-game carry. Urgot, Jinx, and TK (especially) can help neutralize this weakness, but the goal is to get ahead so massively that you overwhelm the others with your gold lead early.

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