Teamfight Tactics: Gizmos & Gadgets revealed alongside Hextech Augments, new traits, champions

▲ What could the Teamfight Tactics development team be conjuring up? Images via Riot Games


In the famed words of Lee Douglas IV: "Out with the old, in with the new."


On Monday morning, Riot Games announced the theme and name of the sixth set for their signature auto chess game, Teamfight Tactics. Titled Teamfight Tactics: Gizmos & Gadgets, players will enter a world of magic, zany experiments, and unique strategies with the end goal to outwit and outlast the opposition en route to victory.


Unlike the current set, Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning, the development team is shifting the uniqueness of each game from powerful items to Hextech Augments. Acting similarly to Set 3's Galaxies, every time a player fires up a match, the outcome can vary wildly from the previous one. With over 140 Hextech Augments to choose from, all players will have the opportunity to choose three different ones throughout a game to create an experience you may never encounter again.


▲ Certain Hextech Augments can set the battlefield ablaze!


Outside of the Teamfight Tactics: Gizmos & Gadgets' mechanic, it wouldn't be a brand new set if there weren't unique Traits, Classes, and champions to spice things up. A few never-before-seen champions coming to TFT in Set 6 include Zac, Vex, Quinn, Orianna, and Seraphine.


Despite some Traits returning from previous sets such as Assassin and Sniper, many more make an appearance for the first time and will change the way players form compositions and utilize items and abilities. One such is called Mutant which, according to the game's development is described as follows: 


One of our most ambitious traits yet, Mutants will adapt and change every game. The Mutant (3, 5) trait randomly takes one of seven forms for the entirety of the game. During the same game, all players will play with the same activated Mutant trait. The specific trait benefits might look familiar, but that’s just because the champions of this trait learn from the past to adapt to the future! Each of these traits still activate at 3 Mutants and evolve to improved versions at 5.


According to the game's Lead Designer, Stephen "Mortdog" Mortimer, one such mutation is called "Cybernetic Enhancement." Mutants with at least one item equipped gain a bonus of 300 Health and 35 Attack Damage when three of them are on the board. Those numbers jump to 500 Health and 60 Attack Damage when five are teaming up.


Teamfight Tactics: Gizmos & Gadgets is scheduled to hit the Public Beta Environment on October 19 or 20 before going live alongside Patch 11.22 on November 3.

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