DK ShowMaker : "I want the finals to be between LCK teams again."

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DWG KIA sealed a close 3-2 series against T1 in the semifinals of the 2021 LoL World Championship and earned a chance to become the second team in history to win two straight World Championships. After the match, DWG KIA mid laner Heo "ShowMaker" Su joined Park Jeesun on a post-game interview on the broadcast to discuss the Semi-finals series.



Congratulations on the win. How do you feel about making it to the finals two years in a row?


Going to the finals was rather easy last year, but it was really challenging this year. [Laughs] I am happier as it was more challenging.


As you’ve said, it was a very tight series. Did you expect this series to be a complete 5-game series?


From before the match, I thought it was going to be a tough series because T1 is a strong team. I was impressed with their surprise picks like Yasuo top and Zilean. Seeing those surprise picks, I thought that they prepared very well and that it would be a very difficult day.


Today's match was extremely close, and you were able to take the win by winning games 4 and 5. How did you manage to focus until the last moment?


I am not a person that usually gets nervous, but I was especially even more relaxed today for some reason. Even when I was behind 1-2, I thought, “It’s fun, but I don’t think I am going to lose.” I think we won today because Canyon played very well, and my teammates played well overall.


It seems your nerves of steel helped in the game. After the third game, it looked like kkOma was coaching you one-on-one. What did he say?


We were behind at that point. He said that we should play around me, so that I could carry, and that we should play comfortable champions like Jhin, so that we would have no regrets.


Talking about Jhin, Jhin was undefeated. He was like a lucky charm for today's match. In the last game, you didn't ban Jhin nor Gumayusi's Aphelios. How did you prepare for the last game’s draft?


When we were in a draft meeting, we decided to draft the mid and jungle champs later and not ban Aphelios. As I waited for my turn to pick, I asked myself, “So many mid champs are banned. What do I play now?” I was starting to get excited, thinking about which champion to play this time, but I ended up playing the most decent pick.


Ghost shed tears as the series ended. Did all the players feel pressured playing Worlds?


I thought Ghost would feel more pressured than other players. He was sweating in the second game and had a hard time. I guess his emotions burst as the series ended. We haven't even won the championship — to cry already is a bit... [Laughs] 


It was the 4th LCK matchup in Worlds semifinals history, and all the teams that won this match won the championship. What are your expectations for the finals?


Hearing you say that, I gained even more confidence. The semifinals were exciting, but I want the finals to be a boring 3-0. I'll prepare for the finals well so that we could win 3-0 without any variables.


EDG and Gen.G will play for the finals spot tomorrow. How do you expect the series to go?


I think Gen.G is favored. I want the finals to be between LCK teams again.  Now I can cheer for them tomorrow comfortably without any pressure.


Any last words?


There were many ups and downs this year. We had a hard time starting from MSI, but I want the ending to be beautiful. 

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