Sakurai relieved he can finally discuss games without speculations from Super Smash Bros. fans


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate creator Masahiro Sakurai is enjoying his ability to talk about other games now that the final DLC fighter has been released


In the past, Super Smash Bros. fans were desperate to know which video game character would be the next Smash DLC fighter. The speculations were wild and aplenty, with Smash players thinking almost anything was a hint or leak at what's to come. This included anything Sakurai himself did. Smash fans would take anything he said or did as a possible nod at a future Smash fighter. 


It got so overwhelming, in fact, that Sakurai actually asked fans to stop. He explained how tiring it was not to be able to talk about any other game without Smash players accusing him of hinting at the next DLC fighter, taking a lot of the fun out of the tweet, interview, or photo. 


Now that Sora is in Smash, Sakurai is now free to discuss video games freely. Earlier this week, Sakurai decided to test his ability to bring up other games. He posted a photo of his cat sitting next to an Among Us toy with the caption: "With the development of Smash Bros. finished, you no longer have to worry about [the Imposter participating in the battle]. Now, even if I put out such a picture, there is no problem!" 



This rough translation of Sakurai's tweet proves that Sakurai is happy to be able to post this picture of his cat in peace. Fans responded with appreciation for Sakurai's humor, noting how frustrating it probably was to never be able to discuss Among Us without wild speculations. 




Let's just hope nobody starts discussing the possibility of Among Us being in the alleged third fighter pass that Sakurai has denied over and over for years. 

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