Sakurai reveals how Sora ended up allowed in Smash in leaked column


Sora was one of the most-requested characters of all time but many still didn't believe it was possible to get Sora into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It was a shock to see Sora as the final DLC fighter. 


So how did the Kingdom Hearts protagonist end up in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? A leaked yet-to-be-released Famitsu column by director Masahiro Sakurai has revealed how Sora ended up in Smash. 


According to a translation shared by PushDustIn, the barrier for Sora joining Smash was "quite high." It was so high, in fact, that the team working on negotiations felt it would be impossible. It took a lucky meeting between Sakurai and one of the heads of Disney at an award show to make it happen.



Sakurai talked to the Disney employee about his dreams of getting Sora in Smash. The high-up individual said they would connect Sakurai with Disney and Square Enix. Sakurai talked to both companies about how to make Sora work in Smash, leading to a lot of negotiations. 


The exact details regarding the encounter and the discussion were not disclosed in the leak. Those may be outlined in the official Famitsu column when it comes out. 


The chance encounter is most definitely an exciting reveal. It was because of that one fateful night that Sora was able to make it to Smash after all these years. 

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