GEN Bdd: "One thing I’ve personally learned from this year’s Worlds is that Western mid laners don’t really care about laning nor are they very good at it."

Screencapped from the LCK broadcast

Cloud9 stood as the last hope for the West, as they played Gen.G in the last quarterfinal match of Worlds 2021. Despite the unified support from the Western fans, however, the match was a clean 3-0 by Gen.G. With Gen.G qualifying for semifinals, three LCK teams have made it to the semifinals this year; DK will face off against T1 in the LCK finals rematch, while Gen.G will be facing EDward Gaming in the other half of the bracket.


The mid laner for Gen.G, Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong, joined Jeesun Park in the LCK broadcast for a post-match interview.


Congrats on the victory and making it to the semifinals. Tell me how you’re feeling right now.


I did worry about today’s match; I have this tendency to watch the enemy team’s VODs the day before the match, and I really didn’t think C9 was a good team. The series went as well as we planned.



Did you expect a 3-0 today?


Not a 3-0, but I knew we’d definitely win.



With Gen.G making it to semis, that makes three LCK teams. Thoughts?


DWG KIA and T1 are really good, so it was expected that they’d make it. I’m just glad that we made it as well.



You cheered in joy when Gen.G locked in Cloud9 in the knockout stage draw. How come?


They were the weakest out of all the teams left in the tournament, so I was happy that we’ve rolled the best possible scenario.



Gen.G undeniably looked shaky during the group stages. What are some of the things that the team worked on after the four-way tie?


We improve by talking amongst ourselves the things that we lack. In terms of the series, we felt that Cloud9 only played through their mid lane; things like that.



What can you tell us about your mid lane matchup against Perkz today?


One thing I’ve personally learned from this year’s Worlds is that Western mid laners don’t really care about laning nor are they very good at it. So things went as I expected.



It felt like the typical Gen.G battlesongs were blaring on the Rift through your performance tonight; people have started calling you ‘Maestro Gwak’ because you were so dominant. Thoughts on the nickname?


It’s a good nickname. I think things like that are funny [laughter].


Video credit: LoL Esports

In the teaser video, you were uncharacteristically sharp with your trash talk. You even said, “I think there’s something wrong with NA making it this far”. How serious were those words when you said it?


[Laughter] I don’t like saying things like that, but I thought it’d be funny.



Your next opponent is EDward Gaming in the semifinals. How do you foresee the matchup?


Their series against RNG was chaotic; there’s a chance that they performance level will go up when they play us, so we’ll need to prepare well.

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