DK Canyon: "Regardless of who we face in the finals, the primary focus is on T1."

It was a quick 3-0 victory for DWG KIA as they triumphed over MAD Lions in the third quarterfinal of Worlds 2021. DWG KIA showed versatility and prowess, both individually and as a team in this series, as they managed to come back from a 7K gold deficit in game 2, reminding everyone why they’re the favorites of the tournament.


After their victory over MAD, DWG KIA joined media outlets from all around the world for an online press conference.

To kkOma: As the former head coach for SKT, how do you feel about facing them in the semifinals?


kkOma: I’m not really thinking too much about any records on the line; I think that the players and the coaching staff are doing exceptionally well, so while I’m not expecting a 3-0 stomp, I think that we’ll still win.


To ShowMaker: DWG KIA remains undefeated throughout the tournament. What do you think about the undefeated run so far, and how do you rate your competition this year?


ShowMaker: While I'm really proud about it, I think that there was a lot of luck involved, because there are a lot of great teams this year.


To ShowMaker: What are your expectations for your upcoming mid matchup against Faker?


ShowMaker: Faker's a very good player, so it’ll depend on who’s feeling better that day.

To Canyon & ShowMaker: Are you confident that you’ll make it to the finals, and how confident are you guys against the rest of the competition?


Canyon: I do want to make it to the finals. Regardless of who we face in the finals, the primary focus is on T1.


ShowMaker: The desire to go to the finals is definitely there; our focus right now, however, is on T1.


To Khan: You stated that this was your last year as a pro player. If you win Worlds, is there a chance that you’ll continue playing?


Khan: I do want to keep playing, but there are issues related to conscription that are time-sensitive and cannot be magically solved. If the Korean government shows me mercy and allows me to delay conscription, maybe I can play one more year?


To kkOma: What’s the secret behind nurturing a team that performs so strong and confidently?


kkOma: They’re all individually stellar, and because the coaching staff also does a very good job, I think the players receive a boost in their confidence.


To BeryL: As a player that’s been with the organization from the beginning, how do you reflect on your growth since then? Also, thoughts on the matchup against T1?


BeryL: I can definitely see that I’ve grown since then. As for T1, this year's the first time we're meeting them on the international stage. We’ll need to prepare well, because they’re an incredibly good team.


To Khan: How did you manage to come back from such a deficit in game 2?


Khan: You can’t be the only one that plays well to come back from a deficit; it depends on how your teammates' movements on the map, so most of the credit goes to them.


To Khan: Was DWG KIA spending more time and resources top side in game 3 the result of game 2's feedback? What are your thoughts on the matchup against Armut?


Khan: Unlike game 2, I had lane priority on Jayce, so not only did I trade well in lane, but I also kept great track of the enemy jungler. I’ve said this earlier: Western players are a lot weaker in lane. Armut however, has a wide champion pool and was very good at laning; the reason why we won 3-0 tonight was because my teammates were better.


To Anyone: Do you believe that you’ll be able to keep the undefeated streak going in the tournament?


Ghost: I do, but the remaining teams are very strong, so I don’t think it’s going to be easy. However, it’s a chance to set an unprecedented record, so I’m going to try setting it.


To Ghost: How does it feel to be at the center of a comeback victory, using your own skin to carry in a very important match? Also, how do you rate your current form?


Ghost: I used the T1 Jhin skin last year, so to be able to use my own skin and win is very meaningful.


To ShowMaker & Canyon: Can you tell us about some of the rune and itemization choices throughout the series? [ShowMaker: Summon Aery & Predator; Canyon: Control ward at level 1, game 3]


ShowMaker: Runes are always situational, so I just take whatever fits the situation. In terms of buying an elixir early: at the time, I was down a little early, so I just decided to match my power level as close as possible in important teamfights.


Canyon: I wanted to invade level 1, and it looked shiny, so I just bought a control ward.


To Khan: What are your thoughts on Canna’s performance in T1’s game against HLE?


Khan: Top laners are always trading and skirmishing, but in-game, there are a lot of factors that are dependent on my teammates’ movements. That’s one of our biggest strengths, so I think I’ll win if we all play well.


To Canyon: You didn’t ban Elyoya’s Qiyana in this series, which is a pick that he’s performed well on at Worlds. How do you rate the champion, and how would you have played against her, if Qiyana was picked?


Canyon: I think that since Lee Sin has ways to bring Qiyana out of invisibility with his E and Q, Qiyana suffers hard from the matchup. Lee Sin’s kit also counters hers in general, so I think the matchup would’ve been easy.


To BeryL: How do you rate Pyke in the Worlds meta? Tell me a bit more about his matchups.


BeryL: He’s a very high risk/high reward champion; the only reason I picked Pyke tonight is because of the rights that I have as red side, fifth pick.

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